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Jinfo SubscriptionProduct review of Knowledge360 from Cipher Systems

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Jinfo Subscription Report

We last looked at Knowledge360, a competitive intelligence (CI) and workflow solution from competitive strategy consultancy Cipher Systems back in December 2016 when the product was still in its infancy. In this review we return to the product and find out what the product offers today.

This review:

  • Introduces the key advantages of Knowledge360

  • Reminds readers about the company and product and why it's proven to be so popular with users

  • Looks in detail at the technology including customisation features, search and save, and how users can create projects to collaborate

  • Explores the content available including global and regional data, as well as third-party and internal content

  • Looks at the help and training available

  • Details the pricing model

  • Discusses product maturity and forthcoming developments

  • Identifies competitors including Comintelli Intelligence2day and Crayon and in the competitive intelligence space more generally, Blueocean Market Intelligence, and CompIntelligence.

Reviewed by: Scott Vine

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