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Jinfo Subscription Report

Onelog is a comprehensive resource management tool from ITS (Info Technology Supply Ltd) that we last visited in our mini review in 2015. It includes password management, subscription management, usage tracking and cost allocation in its modules. It competes with the likes of ResearchMonitor from TRG Screen and HAN, by H&H Software, and in this fully updated in-depth product review, we take an in-depth look at the product to see what's changed.

This product review:

  • Provides an overview of Onelog and ITS, as well as some of its key advantages

  • Highlights the range of resources that can be included, including scripted resources, and how users can manage these

  • Looks at the fully updated user interface and range of search parameters

  • Tests its output options, including the wide range of reports and statistics available to download

  • Identifies key competitors such as ResearchMonitor from TRG Screen and HAN, by H&H Software

  • Looks at help and training options available

  • Covers pricing options and the product's development roadmap.

By: Scott Vine

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