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Jinfo Subscription Report

As part of Jinfo's Research Focus, "The accidental technologist - where your expertise meets the new world", we set out to make sense of the complex technological environment and reviewed the wide range of technologies and challenges that our customers asked us to cover, in order to develop "technology clusters".

These are logical groupings that pull together a number of technologies based on similar purpose. We then analysed each of the technologies according to which specific problems or challenges they address. We divided the clusters into four areas: access and control; storage and management; manipulation and interaction; and user efficiency, and present which technologies sit under the four key clusters.

We also map out how how the various technologies can be used to enhance the user experience, to enhance the value of information, and contribute to overall business goals.

We also demonstrate how you could use our methodology to map out which technologies will help you overcome business challenges such as improving collaboration or streamlining access for end-users.

This report includes the following articles:

  • Mapping the complex technology environment
  • Technology - focus on goals and desired results
  • How to use technology clusters.

By Robin Neidorf

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