Jinfo SubscriptionWebinar deck - innovation in current awareness and intelligence

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Jinfo Subscription Report

Our research into current awareness and intelligence platforms shows that the majority of respondents (around two-thirds) want to do more to streamline or automate their current awareness delivery.

The dominant subscription platforms such as Factiva and Nexis are no longer the default choice for managing current awareness, with new and niche players coming into the marketplace, and the rise of intelligence platforms and aggregation platforms giving information centres more choice over sources they include, whether subscription, in-house or digital.

We highlight our research on:

  • How to incorporate full text, licensed, non-cost and even internal resources
  • The challenges of different formats
  • Designing and running a streamlined workflow for the information team
  • When and how to bring end-users directly into the workflow.

This is the slide deck and speaker notes from the Jinfo webinar "Innovation in current awareness and intelligence", which ran on 13th December 2018

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