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Jinfo Subscription Report

M-Brain Intelligence Plaza is a market intelligence tool designed to help executives make speedier decisions. Since we last reviewed it three years ago, Intelligence Plaza has had a change of ownership and much effort has gone into improving the user experience. In particular, there are new ways to personalise views and alerts and more flexible ways of organising content. In addition, mobile apps for Android and iOS allow data to be accessed out of the office.

The tool's loyal users work in market intelligence, sales, business development and strategy in more than 100 companies worldwide, including big brands like IBM, Cadbury, Siemens, Bosch, HP and Pfizer.

This review:

  • Explores company and product positioning and audience

  • Identifies key changes since last reviewed

  • Highlights content types that can be included and how clients can set up their platform

  • Tests out the search and user interface, outputs and alerts, and administration

  • Discusses competitors including Comintelli's Intelligence2day, Digimind Intelligence, Wide Narrow, and Cipher's Knowledge360

  • Assesses help and training

  • Explains the product roadmap.

By: Jan Knight

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