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Jinfo SubscriptionProduct review of TBRC's Global Market Model

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Jinfo Subscription Report

Global Market Model by The Business Research Company is a market intelligence tool designed to help companies find new customers, understand competitors and analyse thousands of markets in 60 geographies around the world, including emerging markets.

It serves large businesses with multiple areas of interest, along with academic institutions and MBA colleges. Users of the tool work as marketing professionals, banking and finance executives, corporate strategists, consultants, librarians, academics, business valuation professionals and analysts.

This review:

  • Explores company and product positioning and audience

  • Discusses data sources and how data is checked

  • Highlights the industry sectors covered datasets for different geographic territories

  • Tests out the search and user interface, outputs and alerts, and administration

  • Discusses competitors including Euromonitor's Passport, MarketLine's Advantage, IBISWorld, BMI Research and Bureau van Dijk

  • Assesses help and training

  • Explains the product roadmap.

Reviewed by: Sophie Alexander

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