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Jinfo Subscription Report

As part of our Research Focus, "The accidental technologist", we identified that the most resilient approach to technology is continuous investment of time and resources instead of considering projects "done". We found that the most successful information teams build technology-savvy into their strategic planning, core competencies, department services, and team development plans.

In this session we'll look at:

  • Importance of overall organisational strategy for technology readiness
  • How to build better relationships with C-suite and other organisational influencers to ensure inclusion in key technology projects
  • How to plan and handle information team restructuring to meet the needs of a changing business
  • Best practice in project management for technology projects.

We will highlight how to use Jinfo's research into technology readiness and how to create an environment more conducive to technology experimentation and one where organisation-wide collaboration is encouraged.

Robin is joined by Natasha Chowdory. Natasha gained her MSc in Information and Library Studies in 2015 whilst working as a librarian at Microsoft. Following a period at Oxfam where she focused on knowledge and information, she moved to an NHS trust where she is an information specialist. Natasha is active in SLA and CILIP and speaks on innovation and leadership, diversity and inclusion at events for information professionals in the UK and overseas.

This is the slide deck and speaker notes from the Jinfo Webinar "Continuous development to create the optimum technology environment", which ran on 21st March 2019

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