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Is your team's reputation a true reflection of their skills?

Jinfo's research shows that information teams achieve long-term sustainability and relevance when they match their in-depth domain expertise with powerful consulting, communications and engagement skills.

But how can you assess and determine what the gaps are in your team and how to fill them? Do you focus on training existing staff or seek to ensure that new recruits possess those missing skills?

In this webinar, Jinfo's director of research, Robin Neidorf, discusses strategies for establishing your overall goals for skill cultivation and development, from assessment through training and evaluation.

Guest speaker Kim Dority will also share her research, perspective, and insights from teaching and consulting on professional development and career pathways for information professionals.

This webinar provides:

  • A framework for evaluating soft skills against sustainable positioning of your department
  • Examples of the most common areas of improvement, and how different teams have addressed these needs
  • Guidance on creating your own roadmap for aligning skills, reputation and long-term organisational needs.

This is the slide deck and speaker notes from the Jinfo Webinar "Identifying your team's skill gaps", which ran on 8th May 2018

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