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Jinfo Subscription Report

Now in its third year, Jinfo's benchmarking Research Focus is a unique resource specific to information professionals and essential for information centres around the world.

In this report you'll discover our top three insights from our director of research, Robin Neidorf plus links to help you quickly discover our articles, reports, webinars and Community sessions which build on Jinfo's benchmarking survey, now with three years' worth of data.

Use this Research Focus to benchmark your information centre against your peers and move to the next level of practice.

In this report, discover the top insights from this Research Focus:

  • Insight 1: the most important variable for benchmarking may surprise you
  • Insight 2: do you have your measurements?
  • Insight 3: yes, you can measure impact.

You'll also find an index to the published content from the Jinfo Research Focus "Benchmark information services - progressing towards transformation".

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