Jinfo SubscriptionProduct review of ResearchMonitor

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Jinfo Subscription Report

Originally developed by Priory Solutions, ResearchMonitor was subsequently acquired by TRG Screen. It is an electronic resource management tool that is used by organisations to help them keep track of subscriptions to multiple resources, as well as helping them manage access to them and monitor their usage. In our latest product review, we take a look at the product and see how it's been developed since its acquisition.

This review:

  • Introduces the company and product and provides contact details

  • Highlights its key advantages, value and how the product can be used

  • Explores the range of content that is accessible via the product, which can potentially include thousands of sites and resources

  • Explores the platform's technology, including the RMWeb client, the product's web interface, analytics, resources, contracts and its administrative features

  • Looks at outputs including the various reports available

  • Covers product maturity and development plans along with pricing information

  • Highlights the competitor landscape, including Onelog from ITS and LookUp Precision from Lucidea.

By Scott Vine

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