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Jinfo Subscription Report

The flexible model of an Information Centre of Excellence developed through Jinfo's research provides a framework for evaluating and improving your strategy, operations and impact by:

  • balancing focus on information strategy
  • enabling end-users throughout the organisation to access the information they need
  • delivering expert information services that only you can provide.

This balance will look different in every environment, and it will change over time as the environment itself changes.

In this report, discover the top insights from this Research Focus:

  • Insight 1: every service, licence and process you handle needs to support your journey towards an Information Centre of Excellence
  • Insight 2: commercially aware consultants are the future's most valuable information professionals
  • Insight 3: continuous improvement starts today; your strategy needs to be concrete.

You'll also find an index to the published content from the Jinfo Research Focus "The Information Centre of Excellence - commercial, consultative, collaborative".

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