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Statista is a leading statistics portal known for its charts, graphs, infographics, and dossiers but over the last few years it has also become known for its market and consumer data. With its wide range of content and expert tools it's used by enterprise customers as a one-stop-shop for its statistically-oriented data. Jinfo last looked at the product in 2013 and there have been quite a few changes since then.

This product review:

  • Finds out how the company and product has evolved since we last reviewed it, with a focus on the addition of a diverse range of content and the variety of report options now available and how it proves to be of value to its two million corporate business users as well as academic institutions, consultancies, and media and marketing agencies.

  • Delves into its diverse collection of 22,500 primary and secondary sources, covering around 80,000 topics and 170 industry sectors

  • Explores the technological capabilities that help contribute to its intuitive and user-friendly interface and its popular dossiers as well as its many output options

  • Highlights the help and training that's available to its users, including its comprehensive resources page which contains articles and videos

  • Focuses on its two main competitors, eMarketer and IBISWorld Industry Reports, and looks at the strengths and weaknesses of each

  • Finds out about the company's development plans as well the pricing plans for the product.

By Jan Knight

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Claire Laybats, Head of Commercial Development

Claire Laybats
Head of Commercial Development

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