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Evaluating, negotiating and contracting to bring content and data into your organisation requires an ever-evolving set of skills and knowledge. Jinfo provides the up-to-date analysis of the marketplace, as well as in-depth reviews of sources, to enable you to stay on top of your game.

Whether you:

  • Sit within a formal procurement team
  • Work with and through procurement
  • Or manage contracts and vendors within your own department

... Jinfo's Articles, Reports, Webinars and Community sessions raise the value of the work you do on behalf of your organisation.

With our practical assistance, you will:

  • Improve dialogue with users and stakeholders
  • Streamline your research on suppliers and alternatives
  • And identify emerging challenges in content purchasing that may change how you want to do business.

Effective strategy and management of organisational knowledge requires attention to three components:

  • What content is being managed?
  • What technology supports its visibility?
  • How do user behaviours escalate the value of knowledge?

Jinfo's focus on Sources, Technology and Value makes us the only research-based resource that provides you with insight and practical guidance on all three components.

Our Articles, Reports, Webinars and Community sessions enable you to address these three components as a logical system, rather than in isolation from each other.

We consider all the angles -- from next-generation technology platforms, to engaging with users to encourage correct activities, to determining measurable outcomes for knowledge-related initiatives.

Every business today needs expertise on information and how it drives value.

It's no longer a matter of selecting the right products to support an information centre.

Information expertise requires attention to:

  • The full range of potential sources available (internal and external, paid-for and non-cost)
  • The ways technology increasingly supports visibility and usefulness
  • How users want and need to interact with information
  • What results the business can realise from effective information interactions
  • And how to appropriately measure the impact of investment.

You know that your organisation faces both risks and opportunities related to information strategy.

Jinfo's Articles, Reports, Webinars and Community sessions help you understand and articulate those risks and opportunities, and engage with your leadership so that THEY understand as well.

Whether you have a single researcher or dozens providing services to your organisation, it's essential to make sure your skills, services and interactions are optimised. That means everything from improving how you handle incoming queries to managing skill development programmes for researchers to fill emerging gaps.

Specialist teams of researchers increasingly need to be consultants, data analysts, communicators and even occasional trainers... all while keeping their specialist research skills and source knowledge top-notch.

Jinfo supports you in optimising your service and managing your team. Leverage our practical Articles, Reports, Webinars and Community sessions to create an environment of continuous improvement and stay on the leading edge of information practice, while honing critical skills in service provision, client support and project management.

  • License or purchase information products
  • Manage information sources
  • Engage in research or competitive intelligence
  • Direct knowledge management and knowledge sharing
  • Conduct research or information training

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