News Strategy in Law Firms - A Perfect Storm of Sources, Technology and Value

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How are law librarians addressing the insatiable appetite of their users for news content... while managing budget, risk, resources and stakeholder opinions?

This FreePint Webinar draws together several threads of our original research, as well as input from customers in the legal industry and trends among suppliers, to provide you with unique insight into your options, risks, and successful strategies for delivering news content effectively.

Law firms have a unique set of challenges and opportunities around the provision of news. We'll examine each of these:

  • Defined objectives: even (especially!) for "across the firm" content like news, defined objectives enable you to make better decisions about value

  • Stakeholder involvement: lots of partners and senior staff have opinions, preferences, and often a deciding vote... How do you manage them well?

  • Evolving technology: the available technology for news delivery is worlds beyond where it was three years ago... Where is it heading, and how do you ride the wave without introducing risk?

  • Redefined "news": a "source" of news can be almost anything... a headline from Nexis to a change in a competitor's website... How do you make the most of these riches?

Today's news world is a perfect storm of sources, technology and value for law firms. Come out of this session with insight from other firms to help you forge your path through it.

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Multiple dates:

  • Monday, 23rd March at 17:00 Pacific / 19:00 Central / 20:00 Eastern / Tuesday, 24th March 11:00 Sydney / 13:00 Wellington
    60 minutes
  • Tuesday, 24th March at 09:00 Pacific / 11:00 Central / 12:00 Eastern / 16:00 (GMT) / 17:00 Europe
    60 minutes

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