Do You Know Your Skills Objectives?

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[Topic Series: Best Practices in Information Skills Development]

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We all want better information skills at every level of the organisation. But how many of us have a clear set of objectives for improvement?

Early results in the current FreePint Survey: Information Skills Development demonstrate clearly that information managers prioritise development for themselves and the knowledge workers in their organisations, but they do not currently set objectives based on analysis of gaps or emerging needs.

This session will provide a framework you can use to:

  • Develop objectives
  • Research and implement training and resource development to meet those objectives
  • Measure progress against objectives.

With limited resources dedicated to training and development, information managers need all the leverage they can muster to ensure those resources are working as hard as they can. Creating and working towards clear objectives supports this effort.

Furthermore, objectives can be tied to larger organisational goals around value, such as efficiency, innovation, cost savings and revenue generation. This approach, therefore, can increase the attention decision-makers pay to training needs.

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  • Thursday, 28th May at 09:00 Central / 10:00 Eastern / 15:00 (BST) / 16:00 Europe
    60 minutes

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