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[Topic Series: News, and Other Commodities]


We know that information managers are always working on the question of what news and related content users truly need to succeed. This question has intensified over the eight years in which we at FreePint have conducted our Survey on News Needs and Preferences.

The content world has changed over that time, and we've seen changes in user behaviour too. Users have direct access to more resources; database vendors have changed their licensing and commercial strategies; technology platforms enable information centres to become publishers; and cost pressures continue to encourage everyone to cut back to essentials.

This webinar will help you create and execute a plan for determining what those "essentials" are.

We'll walk through:

  • Prioritising areas for conducting a needs analysis
  • Creating a workable project plan
  • Gaining buy-in from stakeholders and users
  • Comparing results to emerging best practices around content delivery.

When it comes to commodity-like information (such as news, basic company information and industry information), a needs analysis with key stakeholder and user groups is likely long overdue. Participate in this session and then adapt our methods to kick off 2016 with practical projects that deepen your stakeholder relationships while enabling you to clarify and deliver on needs.

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  • Thursday, 10th December at 08:00 Pacific / 10:00 Central / 11:00 Eastern / 16:00 (GMT) / 17:00 Europe, 60 minutes

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