How information services can best work with the many stakeholders of data analytics

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[Research Focus: Data analytics - ready your information service]

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Within the new world of data analytics, where much is still uncertain as to how to proceed and who should be involved, there is potential for power struggles. It's common for information services to get caught up in the struggle.

At the same time, new fields offer new opportunities to collaborate and to find shared solutions.

Get an overview of the likely stakeholders involved with data strategies and projects, particularly as the area continues to grow and mature. And get ideas about where challenges may be likely to emerge, and how information services can work on them.

This Jinfo Webinar provides practical tips on:

  • Identifying the likely stakeholders in your organisation for data analytics
  • Understanding their perspective on this emerging world
  • Articulating your expertise and value around data analytics compared with other stakeholders, so that you can work with them effectively and in a collaborative spirit.

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  • Tuesday,13th December at 08:00 Pacific / 10:00 Central / 11:00 Eastern / 16:00 (GMT) / 17:00 Europe, 60 minutes

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