Topic Series: News, and Beyond

October - December 2014

News, and BeyondChanges in the market for news content in 2013 highlighted two distinct needs for many organisations:

  • one for in-depth research resources offering the highest quality news, company, industry and brand information
  • another for "awareness" resources that keep professionals informed about changes in their environments to support other kinds of decision-making, sales work or other tasks.

These two distinct needs may well require distinct solutions. That can be a tough decision to make, in organisations that are accustomed to a single provider for everything deemed "news". At the same time, the economics of the marketplace have changed enough to turn what used to be considered "irreplaceable" resources into "preferred but not essential" resources.

This Topic Series, which ran from October - December 2014, dived into these issues to support information managers with needs analysis, product reviews, source monitoring, and reporting on value - all subjects that occupy everyone's strategic agenda regardless of the status of current product contracts.


About this Topic Series

Co-producers Shimrit Janes and Chris Porter bring together their considerable experience to manage this series.

Shimrit specialises in the use of social media for knowledge sharing, with a particular interest in the role it plays in current awareness.

Chris has a deep knowledge of business news research databases and media intelligence tools and works across a variety of information-intensive industries.

Shimrit Janes
Shimrit Janes
Series Producer

Chris Porter
Chris Porter
Series Producer


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