Topic Series: Beyond Aggregation

Topic Series: Beyond Aggregation
October - November 2013

News feeds nearly every aspect of a business. Any reportable change, new analysis or fresh fact has the potential to trigger a sale, influence strategic planning, highlight a risk or provide insight into a competitor.

Over the past five years, Jinfo has researched needs and preferences for bringing news content into an organisation. We began by studying market-leading products for news aggregation, then soon added niche products that captured a specific content set or were designed for particular user needs.

Andrew Grave
Series Producer
Andrew Grave

Soon after we added the increasingly influential non-cost resources, such as blogs and social media to the research effort. In the past two years, we've looked more closely at delivery format, as mobile content has become more important within organisations.

The Topic Series: Beyond Aggregation combines our history of research and product reviews with a higher-level look at what organisations are trying to accomplish - not bringing news into the organisation for its own sake but to support decision-making, strategic planning, competitive intelligence and other goals.

Series producer Andrew Grave, researcher for the 2012 edition of the annual Product Review of Factiva, directs a research and commissioning effort that looks at:

  • Products and tools: Niche, generalist, purchased or do-it-yourself?
  • User needs and trends: From easy-to-use search to workflow awareness
  • Infrastructure resources: Delivering your choice of news stream, where you want it
  • The Big Data opportunity: Opportunities to become your own aggregation service, with the whole web as your data pool.

The series includes articles (Q&A with vendors, case studies, market analyses); reports (product reviews, comparisons); webinars and Community of Practice discussions. The results will enable you to take a thoroughly fresh look at a category of content essential to all businesses.


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Comintelli's award-winning software Knowledge XChanger automates the task of:

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