Topic Series: Making Information Visible

January - March 2015

Making Information VisibleInformation "discovery" is a hot topic in organisations of all kinds. This is a broad set of needs that can encompass:

  • Making licensed and internal information more visible and "discoverable" to users
  • Integrating a range of resources (free, fee, internal, external) into a single, searchable environment
  • Developing and managing workflow tools that put critical information on the desktops and mobile devices of users, exactly at the point of need

... and doing all of this in ways that give information managers strategic insight into what is being used and how, to drive value for the business overall.

This Topic Series, which ran from January - March 2015 examines "discovery" from the perspective of technologies that enable it, content required and user behaviours driving success. With case studies, product reviews, discussions and market overviews, this Series is a valuable opportunity for learning and dialogue for information managers across a range of industries.


About this Topic Series

Co-producers Martin White and James Mullan bring together their considerable experience to manage this series.

Martin White, Managing Director, Intranet Focus Ltd., is an intranet and information management strategy consultant with a global reputation.

James Mullan has worked in the legal sector since 2001. He is an advocate of social media tools and has been talking about how these tools can be used by information professionals and organisations since 2005.

Martin White
Martin White
Series Producer

James Mullan
James Mullan
Series Producer


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