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Business leaders want innovation, efficiency, cost-savings, smart decisions and a digital workplace. Yet they frequently overlook the role of information expertise in achieving these goals.

Jinfo empowers and supports information services teams as they re-position their expertise at the heart of organisational strategy.

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  • Helping your organisation:
    • Save time using our original research and practical resources
    • Define, measure and communicate information value
    • Re-invent information services

  • Our content, community and consulting is generated by Jinfo Research through its unique position right at the centre of the business information industry.

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We talk every day with professionals who are re-framing information expertise as essential to their organisations' success. They have minimised "transactional" interactions with different parts of the business and focus instead on strategic value.

Contact us, and we'll ask a few questions that help us gauge your current assets and resources to make the same leap.


About Jinfo
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Founded in 1997 by an information professional, Jinfo started as a free email newsletter to promote the importance of information services to organisations.

What's the background story?

It has now grown into a worldwide team of information experts and practitioners

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We receive great feedback from our global audience about the practicality and uniqueness of our output.

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"FreePint's thinking is at the head of, and often ahead of, movement and changes in the world of information."

Global content coordinator, management consultancy
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