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About Jinfo

You can't have innovation, efficiency, cost-savings, smart decisions or a digital workplace without investing in information specialists and systems.

Yet too many business leaders have little awareness of the difference that information expertise can make in achieving their goals.

We empower and support information services teams as they position their expertise at the heart of organisational strategy:


Jinfo Research examines the big challenges in business, and how information expertise influences how you address those challenges:

  • Jinfo TopicsAll our research is founded on the premise that three interrelated areas form effective information strategy: Sources, Technology and Value. These are our Research Topics.

  • Every quarter, we take a practical, real-world look at these topics through a Research Focus.

  • We offer one-to-one assistance on bespoke projects through consulting.


Jinfo SubscriptionUsing our research to support information expertise in your business, with a Jinfo Subscription you can:

  1. Save time using our original research and practical resources
  2. Define, communicate and measure information value
  3. Reinvent information services through insight into what the best companies do

Our articles, reports, webinars and community sessions offer practical content, peer-to-peer discussion and one-on-one guidance for supporting information expertise in your organisation.

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Robin Neidorf, Director of ResearchHow Can Jinfo Help You?

We talk with professionals every day who are reframing information expertise as essential to their organisations' success. They have minimised "transactional" interactions with different parts of the business and focus instead on strategic value.

Start the conversation with me to gauge your current information assets and resources to make the same leap.

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Robin Neidorf
Director of Research


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Jinfo is a worldwide team of information experts and practitioners

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"Your publication is really high quality. I am impressed." Marc Vollenweider, co-founder, Evalueserve
22 Jun 2017

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