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For over 20 years, Jinfo has helped information professionals turn evolution in information sources and technology into practical actions.

From our early days of helping researchers use the web for business to today's leading edge research on the role of source expertise in data analytics, Jinfo names, studies, and provides guidance on the most pressing opportunities and risks you face while steering information strategy and practice in your organisation.

Roles supported by Jinfo: Content purchasing | Information strategy | Optimising your information service


Original research is the foundation of everything we do. We examine the big challenges in business and how information expertise influences how you address those challenges.

  • All our research is founded on the premise that three interrelated areas form effective information strategy: Sources, Technology and Value. These drive our Categories.

  • Every quarter, we take a practical, real-world look at these areas through a Research Focus.


Get access to Jinfo's insights and apply them to your world:

  • Content: Access to articles, reports and webinars, for you to read and use

  • Community: Participate in facilitated discussion, to work through challenges with your peers and Jinfo's team of experts

  • Consulting: Get custom support, as we work with you to apply and adapt our insights to your needs.

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Claire Laybats, Head of Commercial DevelopmentHow can Jinfo help you?
Claire Laybats, Head of Commercial Development

We talk with professionals every day who are reframing information expertise as essential to their organisations' success. They have minimised "transactional" interactions with different parts of the business and focus instead on strategic value.

Start the conversation with me to gauge your current information assets and resources to make the same leap.

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About Jinfo


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About Jinfo



Jinfo is a worldwide team of information experts and practitioners

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"We were keen to develop user groups in response to customer requests. Thanks to Jinfo's expertise, guidance, and support, we designed and implemented online user groups successfully, bringing us into closer relationship with our customers and their needs while educating them about how to get more value from our offering."

CEO of Library Software provider

5th August 2020