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What does a Jinfo Subscription provide?

A Jinfo Subscription connects your team with the practical tools, original research and expertise to build and support information strategy in your organisation.

  • Research-based insights, not available elsewhere
  • Ideas and vocabulary to help you collaborate with your stakeholders

Purchase a Subscription and get access to all Jinfo Content and Community for two named users for a year:

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Grounded in original research, our articles, reports and webinars bring you practical ideas, case studies, tips and models for change, helping you turn insight into action.

  • Save time and money on research you already need to undertake (e.g., product reviews and market landscapes)
  • Practical tools to adapt our insights to your world
  • Self-serve access, anywhere, anytime

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A confidential, research-based, facilitated forum for discussion with your peers based on our original insights and proprietary tools.

  • Senior-level peers with comparable experience and successes to share, across different industries
  • Lively and creative facilitation maximising everyone's experience
  • Hands-on design gives you worksheets, templates, checklists and best practices to bring back to your environment

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What value do subscribers tell us they get from a Jinfo Subscription?
  • We enhance their perspective
  • Unique insight and opportunities, not available elsewhere
  • We create the framework - formalises what they're doing and makes it easier to do, improve and communicate
  • Future-focus - we put things on their radar, force them to think and plan 3 years into the future
  • Create and improve methodology for determining and reporting value of information
  • They want to challenge and be challenged
  • We are available and responsive
What will the Subscription give you access to?

Two named users will have one year's access to:

  • All articles and reports, including the full archive
  • 12 webinars per year, plus recordings of the sessions for later review
  • 24 Community sessions per year, plus access to the presentations and notes

Subscription case study

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Learn how a Jinfo Subscription helps this global organisation keep on top of industry changes, control costs and negotiate the content purchasing landscape.

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"I also have to think about the bottom line. Jinfo resources for figuring out how to do that are helpful, and Community session discussions help inform the use-cases. Jinfo insights give our end-users competitive advantage to get kernels of information to execute and earn business."

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March 2019

"The Research Focus helped us to see where our strengths are and what we must focus on. This greatly helps in positioning the team when we speak to senior management."

Barbara Reissland, owner, Library Consult

March 2019

"The Jinfo Webinars and Community sessions in particular are helpful, as the topics are always on point and it is good to be able to connect with a network of peers hearing about challenges and best practice from others in the field."

Katy Watt, senior manager - Information & Library Services, Wood Mackenzie

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