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Turn information services into a strategic asset for your business

You know you need to address these challenges:

  • Do more with less
  • Move from completing transactions to advising strategically to strategic resource
  • Raise visibility of your expertise and educate key stakeholders
  • Measure impact, report on value
... but where are you going to find the time?

We see it all the time. And we've developed proven processes based on our original research to move you forward quickly and efficiently:

 Case studies


Start with one of our workshops, designed around the most common challenges and pain points for time- and resource-strapped information teams:

When you work with Jinfo Consulting to bring in our workshops, you get a flexible, tailored approach grounded in our research and tested in organisations like yours.



Measure your starting point to articulate your strengths and set priorities for future improvements. Assessments gauge risk, capacity, value and more.




Get a tailored overview of our research and active discussion with your Jinfo analyst. Save time, and home in on your specific areas of interest, to generate practical next steps your team can use immediately.



Tailored Consulting

In addition to our workshops, assessments and briefings, we offer fully customised projects, to support information strategy, team optimisation, and content purchasing.

Find case studies and example projects below, and complete the form on this page to start the conversation 

Jinfo Consulting is ...

Sensitive to your time, capacity, budget and need for ROI

Tools, models and exercises, easily adapted to your specifics

You don't just complete a project; you and your team find new ways of thinking

Consulting Case Studies

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Read consulting case study

Learn how Jinfo Consulting helped this information team develop and act on strategy to be seen as an internal consultant rather than a transaction centre.

Read case study (PDF)

"We were viewed too much as a transactional resource. People did not fully understand what expertise we brought to the table."

Read consulting case study

Learn how Jinfo Consulting created a framework with deadlines and accountability to enable the leader of this over-busy department create a robust plan for the coming year.

Read case study (PDF)

"The plan was clear, focused on business outcomes, and aligned with the most important initiatives of the senior leadership."

Read consulting case study

Learn how Jinfo Consulting helped the team managing vendor relations and content contracts in a professional services firm, without making expensive and disruptive personnel changes.

Read case study (PDF)

"The firm wanted a solution that would be sustainable beyond the tenure of any specific member of staff and advance strategy regardless of the individual in the chair."

Read consulting case study

Two separate departments in a busy professional services firm were undergoing a merger, as part of an overhaul of the entire knowledge and insights function. Learn how Jinfo Consulting helped created a structure and process for analysing and reengineering workflows.

Read case study (PDF)

"The workshop was an enormous success, both for team-building and energy, as well as for the practical results that would support reengineering the service."

Consulting Testimonials

April 2020

"...always extremely prepared for meetings with detailed notes and a clear understanding of our goals and the path of how to get there. Jinfo can provide value to many."

Senior director of research and knowledge, specialist consulting firm

March 2020

"Our aim is to develop a roadmap that will allow us to forge our own path that aligns with the company, but does not flux in reaction to every change. Creating a strategic plan has been on our agenda for a couple of years; it was Jinfo's structure and the accountability of deadlines that finally moved us forward."

Director of information science and business intelligence, pharmaceutical industry

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Other Example Projects

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Compare your structure, services and staff with our benchmark data, set priorities for development.

The first step in optimising your information service is to gain a clear-eyed view of how you compare with peers. Learn how to hone your strengths while working on weaknesses with an assessment.

Our process includes:

  • Intake survey: Comprehensive questionnaire on organisational structure, services you offer, information staff, other hubs of information expertise in your business and other facets
  • Follow-up interview: Discussion with a Jinfo Consulting analyst for any needed clarification
  • Report: Detailed report showing how you compare with peer companies based on industry, range of services, staff, and headcount; includes recommendations for next actions
  • Workshop: 60-minute web-based workshop to review results and set priorities.

Stop looking for the right product for current awareness

No single vendor can meet all your organisation's needs for current awareness content, data management and distribution.

Luckily, you don't have to rely on a single vendor: You can have dozens of suppliers of content, a robust platform through which to manage it, and valuable data about usage and user needs. But it takes a different approach to evaluation.

Jinfo's research established the emerging best practice of evaluating content separately from technology to address the surprisingly complex requirements of keeping knowledge workers informed about their world.

Now use our consulting services to apply this best practice to the unique needs of your business:

  • Needs assessment: What's actually needed, for source material to feed current awareness? What are the most important features to you for technology platforms? How do you prioritise and get buy-in from leadership for making a valuable change?

  • Content evaluation: Consider the full range of what's needed -- not just the official resources, but the ones users rely on outside of your system. Match up priorities and budget with available sources.

  • Technology evaluation: Make sense of the current state-of-the-industry for technology platforms: Which features are standard, and which unique? Which drive value in your business, and which drive your staff crazy?

Although evaluating content and technology separately make the implementation or change of current awareness systems more challenging, this best practice also opens up great opportunities for saving staff time, bringing together the right content to make important connections and gaining visibility into what users truly want.

When source expertise is undervalued, the whole business is at risk

The greatest risk is the one you don't even know about.

That's the kind of exposure facing most businesses today: They don't recognise the value of source expertise, and so they have no clue about how the most important raw material in the knowledge economy is changing.

Your information team might be marketing, communicating and showing up as much as you can, in as many places as you can ... and yet it's still an uphill climb to build awareness, let alone shift perceptions, about the value your source expertise brings to the business.

Use Jinfo's Consulting services to build on the resources in our Research Focus, "Source Expertise - What It Means in a Google World."

Step back from all those marketing tactics, and work through a clear articulation of the unique role and placement of information expertise in your business.

Then use this statement of expertise as the foundation for targeted work on:

  • Prioritising stakeholder relationships
  • Conducting a visibility audit, focusing on the places that matter most
  • Identifying skill and knowledge gaps in your own team that need to be addressed to strengthen your position and value
  • Building a practical, effective and measurable plan.

Help your business address a risk it doesn't even know it faces.

Make your information department communications work even harder

Most information services want to reinforce their unique value and increase their visibility throughout their organisations. And most do not have the resources to launch and run a significant communications campaign.

Yet every service undertakes regular communications -- deliverables, emails, newsletters, web pages, etc. -- and can apply strategic tweaks to improve how well these existing tools support their visibility and value. This approach builds on what you're already doing and making it more effective, rather than investing heavily in new initiatives that take energy to sustain.

Use Jinfo's Consulting services to conduct an audit of your communications tools and identify basic changes that can make a significant and measurable impact on your engagement with stakeholders. We'll review your existing range of tools, as well as suggest others that complement your current efforts. We'll help you define the audiences you most want to influence, and then help you focus on those tools that are most likely to make a difference with those audiences. We'll establish specific goals for audience engagement, and suggest communications changes that will help you measure your progress towards those goals.

Make rapid progress with knowledgeable advice and resources, plus accountability and reporting.

When change of any kind is underway, it puts additional pressures on even the most robust information service. Some of the challenges we've worked on with customers through bi-weekly consulting calls include:

  • Reorganisation
  • New leadership or reporting lines
  • New strategic focus on data
  • Changes in headcount
  • New delivery demands on information services
  • Significant technology changes affecting information services
  • ... and more.

Jinfo Consulting supports you and your team through these periods:

  • Initial one-hour call for defining the challenges and setting specific objectives;
  • Bi-weekly calls with you (and members of your team, as relevant), for updates, advice, "sanity check", and recommendations;
  • Relevant assignments between calls, including Jinfo-designed worksheets and resources to support your work;
  • Reporting at milestones, to ensure progress.

A minimum of 3 months' commitment is required for bi-weekly consulting.



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Other Consulting Services

Supply products and services?

We work with vendors and suppliers to support their marketplace and competitive intelligence, build customer relationships and establish thought-leadership.

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Tailored product review and testing

Sometimes you need insight, testing or analysis of a product or group of products we don't cover frequently (or ever) in the Jinfo Subscription.

Jinfo Consulting can research and develop a tailored report, based specifically on your requirements. Use our expertise when you need to deepen your knowledge, compare incumbents to new options, get an unbiased third-party opinion or offload work from your busy staff.

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