Robin Neidorf
Director of Research and Head of Consulting

Robin heads the Jinfo Research division. Original research is at the heart of Jinfo and underpins all our activities, from editorial content to webinars, consulting and Community sessions. Robin has has been working with Jinfo since 2004 and is responsible for strategic planning, developing proprietary research-based tools, partnerships and alliances, and consulting.

She is proud to be a contributor of a chapter on strategic content portfolio management in "The Emerald Handbook of Modern Information Management".

Prior to joining Jinfo, Robin ran a research and communications consulting business for 10 years. As a consultant, she focused on strategic planning, change management, and using information to make better decisions.

Working with a wide range of organisations in the for-profit and non-profit sector. Robin has developed online communities, publications and distance learning modules for a range of business purposes. She is the author of Teach Beyond Your Reach: An instructor's guide to developing and running successful distance learning classes, workshops, training sessions and more (second edition, Cyber Age, 2012) and the co-author of E-Merchant: Retail Strategies for e-Commerce (Addison-Wesley, 2001).

Robin can be reached at

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Articles by Robin Neidorf:

Jinfo Blog Jinfo for content purchasing
Tuesday, 9th July 2019

Find out how you can adapt your thinking and approach to licensing to make the most of today's data options, and how the business context for value varies based on organisational goals and other factors.

Jinfo Blog Research update - reporting structure and other benchmarking insights
Thursday, 4th July 2019

Find out how you can move your service forwards using Jinfo's unique benchmarking research and tools - or take it to the next level with our bespoke reports.

Jinfo Blog Insight 1 from Research Focus on benchmarking - the most important variable may surprise you
Monday, 1st July 2019

As part of Jinfo's Research Focus, "Benchmark information services - progressing towards transformation", we identify which is the most influential datapoint for determining the highest value of and potential for your department in your organisation.

Jinfo Subscription Documenting the value chain (part 6 - smarter decisions)
Friday, 28th June 2019

We know that information expertise is a prerequisite when it comes to helping us make smarter decisions but being able to evidence this and measure its impact over time can be problematic. What we can do is try and document the characteristics of the environment in which this goal is achieved and how information services contribute to creating those characteristics, this article looks at how we can set about doing this.

Jinfo Subscription Documenting the value chain (part 5 - transparency)
Thursday, 27th June 2019

Although information teams have long known that their services are essential to creating transparent business operations, it is difficult to demonstrate those contributions through metrics. Breaking down what it means to be "transparent", and then documenting your contributions to those smaller elements goes a long way towards making your value more visible and quantifiable, Robin Neidorf explains how to achieve this.

Jinfo Subscription Jinfo benchmarking research (part 4 - content licensing strategy)
Thursday, 27th June 2019

Data for content purchasing and licensing can be very difficult to collate given the differences in how organisations license information, however, Jinfo has been able to create benchmarks around some of the key variables giving us insight into how information teams approach this and we explore some of these approaches in this article.

Jinfo Subscription Documenting the value chain (part 4 - risk management)
Wednesday, 26th June 2019

This article explores how information professionals help organisations manage risk and how they can better communicate their work in areas such as copyright, terms and conditions, licensing, and ensuring accurate information for decision-taking.

Jinfo Subscription Documenting the value chain (part 3 - innovation)
Wednesday, 26th June 2019

In the third of our six articles on documenting the value chain, we look at innovation and ask what it looks like, as well as exploring some of the requirements and characteristics that contribute to an innovative environment. We also look at what activities you may currently undertake that supports each of the characteristics and requirements of innovation in your organisation and some qualitative insights you can share with stakeholders to give them a clearer picture of the impact your expertise has on it.

Jinfo Subscription Jinfo benchmarking research (part 3 - services and customers)
Wednesday, 26th June 2019

To create meaningful comparisons across information teams you first need to define what the teams do. This is what Jinfo set out to do as part of its benchmarking research and this article highlights some of that data, including what services and activities take place such as contract negotiation and taxonomy development, and in which department, as well as the impact and value of these services.

Jinfo Subscription Documenting the value chain (part 2 - efficiency)
Tuesday, 25th June 2019

Whilst it can be difficult to provide meaningful data to demonstrate the impact on efficiency that an information team provides, it is possible to highlight how you help an organisation become more efficient. In the second article on documenting the value chain, we provide practical examples of how information services contribute to efficiency and a useful set of metrics and reporting that can be used to demonstrate this.

Jinfo Subscription Jinfo benchmarking research (part 2 - structure and strategy of department)
Tuesday, 25th June 2019

There are many different reporting lines within organisations, such as IT, research and development, marketing, HR and procurement, and Jinfo has previously written about the impact these reporting structures can have on how an information team can deliver value. This article looks more closely at Jinfo's 2019 research on benchmarking, and in particular reporting lines, including some of the common trends, and the importance of strategy in delivering value.

Jinfo Subscription Documenting the value chain (part 1 - growing revenue)
Friday, 21st June 2019

Winning new business is a crucial part of the business development process but without the valuable input of the information team, this couldn't happen. In the first article on documenting the value chain, we offer practical advice on how information professionals can demonstrate their value in this process and includes useful charts and steps you can take to do this.

Jinfo Blog Research update - incorporating optimisation into business as usual
Thursday, 20th June 2019

How can Jinfo resources help you translate your strategy into practical changes in process, services and teams to deliver lasting change?

Jinfo Subscription Jinfo benchmarking research (part 1 - introduction)
Thursday, 20th June 2019

Jinfo's benchmarking project has amassed three years of data submitted by 82 information teams who have provided data on everything from organisational structure to how they deliver their services and areas of strategic focus. With so much information to draw on, this article provides an overview of what we have learned through analysing this data, including the most important variables to consider when creating the right peer group against which to benchmark any given information team, as well as our findings on reporting structures, provision of services and team capacity.

Jinfo Blog Find out more about Jinfo's planning process
Friday, 14th June 2019

Find out more about how Jinfo plans its research, coverage of vendors, products, and key topics, and how we plan our events.

Jinfo Blog Jinfo for optimising your information service
Friday, 7th June 2019

What's the biggest obstacle to optimising your team's operations? How can getting insights into your team characteristics and processes impact on improving the efficiency of your department's operations?

Jinfo Blog Research update - information's critical role in business success
Thursday, 6th June 2019

Do you need to enhance the way you communicate the importance reliable information and information strategy across your business? Find out how Jinfo resources can help.

Jinfo Blog Insight 3 from Research Focus on excellence - create a sustainable, relevant service
Thursday, 30th May 2019

The work of managing and optimising your department isn't secondary to customer service. It's the engine that drives the ability to deliver value to your customer over time. Jinfo's Research Focus, "Creating an Information Centre of Excellence", will help you map a path to success.

Jinfo Blog Research update - embedding strategy in content purchasing
Thursday, 23rd May 2019

Find out how to make continuous improvements to your content strategy and how to achieve more impactful reporting on results and value.

Jinfo Blog Research update - how to gain capacity and free your strategy
Thursday, 9th May 2019

Find out how you can use Jinfo's Subscription resources and Consulting workshops to analyse and re-engineer your work to create capacity and much-needed time for strategy.

Jinfo Blog Jinfo for information strategy
Wednesday, 8th May 2019

If you're responsible for information strategy, the active Research Focus, "Creating an Information Centre of Excellence", offers a wealth of resources, insights and tools.

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Reports by Robin Neidorf:

Jinfo Subscription Research Focus Insights and Actions "Benchmark information services - progressing towards transformation"
Friday, 28th June 2019

Now in its third year, Jinfo's benchmarking Research Focus is a unique resource specific to information professionals and essential for information centres around the world. In this report you'll discover our top three insights from our director of research, Robin Neidorf plus links to help...

Jinfo Subscription Jinfo benchmarking research 2019
Friday, 28th June 2019

As part of Jinfo's Research Focus, "Benchmark information services - progressing towards transformation" , we have added to the previous two years' worth of data in areas including organisational structure, team size, areas of strategic focus and approach to content purchasing and licensing. The...

Jinfo Subscription Jinfo model - reporting into central strategy
Tuesday, 18th June 2019

Although not that common, there's been an increase in the number of information teams reporting into a central strategy group. It offers a strategic approach to addressing the most important cross-departmental challenges of the business and as a result, we're likely to see more organisations...

Jinfo Subscription Jinfo model - reporting into knowledge and know-how
Monday, 17th June 2019

Whilst reporting into a knowledge and know-how line within a business is one of the most common lines of reporting in knowledge-based businesses and may at first seem like a natural fit for an information team, in practice, it can be one of the most challenging reporting lines of all. This model...

Jinfo Subscription Jinfo model - maturity model on the scalability of services
Tuesday, 4th June 2019

There are a number of variables involved in operating a scalable information service and this article looks at a few of these variables, including process and workflow, technology for communication and project management and visibility into capacity. It also looks at how you can assess your...

Jinfo Subscription Jinfo model - reporting into IT
Wednesday, 29th May 2019

In this report we look at how information teams align when they report into the IT function, including the strengths and weaknesses of this reporting structure along with ways the information service is able to successfully collaborate with this highly visible team. What can you do to maximise...

Jinfo Subscription Jinfo model - reporting into marketing
Tuesday, 28th May 2019

Here we look at how information teams align with different functions within an organisation, such as procurement and R&D. Another reporting line that isn't too common for information services is the marketing and communications function and with its wide range of communication channels, this type...

Jinfo Subscription Jinfo model - reporting into R&D
Monday, 27th May 2019

Reporting into R&D is usually a very strong position for information teams, where they are a core function within a team that is creating products and services for the business. Whilst their expertise can be leveraged, it may be difficult to find the right balance when serving all customers...

Jinfo Subscription Jinfo model - reporting into procurement or finance
Thursday, 23rd May 2019

This model looks at information teams that report into procurement or finance and some of the strengths and weaknesses of this reporting structure, including some recommendations on what to invest in and how to make the most of your expertise to support your organisation's goals. Other...

Jinfo Subscription Jinfo model - effective work with procurement
Monday, 20th May 2019

Content purchasing professionals can sometimes lock horns with their colleagues in procurement. In this report we look at how to bring together the varying priorities and perspectives - as well as how to find areas for collaboration. We explore areas including cost vs value, risk management,...

Jinfo Subscription Research Focus Insights and Actions "Creating an Information Centre of Excellence"
Friday, 5th April 2019

An Information Centre of Excellence delivers information and insight throughout an organisation through two primary mechanisms. Discover our articles, reports, webinars and Community sessions which build on Jinfo's flexible model, grounded in years of research, to describe, analyse and explain...

Jinfo Subscription Jinfo survey on developing an Information Centre of Excellence
Thursday, 4th April 2019

As part of Jinfo's Research Focus, "Creating an Information Centre of Excellence" , we surveyed 54 respondents from a range of industries, locations, and organisation sizes. We asked for their comments on three key strands of service: setting strategy, delivering expert services and...

Jinfo Subscription Jinfo model - maturity model on team characteristics
Friday, 29th March 2019

Through its research, Jinfo has consistently found that strategic planning, team optimisation, and customer communications are vitally important when it comes to evolving into Centres of Excellence, but information teams don't always exhibit these characteristics. This article looks at how to...

Jinfo Subscription Jinfo model - components of a business
Tuesday, 26th February 2019

Use Jinfo's model to help you run your information centre as a business-within-a-business. Our resources will help you map your information centre and start plotting where you want to make improvements, plus allow you to identify how you want your centre to look in two or three years, and which...

Jinfo Subscription Market landscape - key facets of intelligence systems
Thursday, 31st January 2019

This report examines key differentiators between current awareness and intelligence systems and identifies how developed key facets such as visualisation, taxonomy and newsletter tools are in four key intelligence systems: Digimind Intelligence Knowledge360 M-Brain Intelligence...

Jinfo Subscription Research Focus Insights and Actions "The accidental technologist - where your expertise meets the new world"
Thursday, 10th January 2019

Today's information professionals need tech skills to secure their place as strategic advisers to the business but keeping up with this fast-moving technology-fuelled world can seem impossible. In this Research Focus we examine how to be tech-savvy in order to be good advisers and partners...

Jinfo Subscription Jinfo survey on technology readiness in information centres
Friday, 4th January 2019

As part of Jinfo's Research Focus, "The accidental technologist - where your expertise meets the new world" , we surveyed 65 respondents from around the world and a variety of industries to get their views on the character and culture of technology use and adoption in customer organisations; how...

Jinfo Subscription Jinfo report on technology clusters
Wednesday, 21st November 2018

As part of Jinfo's Research Focus, "The accidental technologist - where your expertise meets the new world" , we set out to make sense of the complex technological environment and reviewed the wide range of technologies and challenges that our customers asked us to cover, in order to develop...

Jinfo Subscription Jinfo model - mapping technology readiness
Wednesday, 24th October 2018

Use Jinfo's model to map how stakeholder relationships can affect the successful introduction and uptake of technology, and how organisational-wide projects can be encouraged to flourish. By Robin Neidorf  

Jinfo Subscription Jinfo current awareness survey 2018
Wednesday, 19th September 2018

As part of Jinfo's Research Focus, "Intelligence systems - beyond awareness to action" , we surveyed 102 respondents around the world and across a variety of industries about their current awareness resources and services provided. We look at whether Factiva and Nexis still dominate the...

Jinfo Subscription Jinfo model - automation and optimisation
Tuesday, 28th August 2018

Use Jinfo's model to see what the common pitfalls and less than optimal practices are in automation and optimisation, and how to move towards best practice in your own information centre and organisation. By Robin Neidorf

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