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 "We're pleased with the whole Jinfo offering, in particular the Community sessions are great for ROI and strategic thinking."

Research library manager, global biotech organisation

May 2018

 "Jinfo insights on resources enable us to identify best-in-class sources of information that give our end-users competitive advantage to win business."

Information centre head, financial services

April 2018

"I look forward to being a part of the Jinfo community through a Subscription at long last...I have been an avid reader for many years! I have watched several of the webinars already and find then to be very insightful."

Information resources manager, leading international law firm

April 2018

"Jinfo helps me to think outside the box and increases my awareness of the current trends in the industry"

Nancy Snell - Research Lead, North Highland

March 2018

"The whole assessment process was valuable. Even the survey questions highlighted gaps and opportunities in our service. The assessment results are very clear. It's great to see places where we are in alignment with the majority of our peers. However, more meaningful are the areas where we are out of step with most information teams. The assessment results highlight the most valuable areas for us to focus on in the short term and provide a useful framework for discussions with stakeholders. The assessment process really doesn't take long, and will have clear benefits for my team."

Senior Manager - Information & Library Services

March 2018

"I wanted to say how incredibly useful I found the Community session on data management for analytics projects. It was great to have the forum to hear how others approach data analytics issues, and I really appreciate being part of the Community for this."

Manager for insight and analytics, Professional services

February 2018

"Thanks to Jinfo I have a clear idea of how to define information strategy and align it with my organisation's goals. My library change programme has serious traction as a result!"

Information Services Manager

January 2018

"Community session discussions help to level-set with others in the industry, especially as these kinds of discussions are simply not happening at conferences."

VP, Research, insurance industry

January 2018

"Thank you for being there with excellent content, coaching, articulate and brilliant insights lighting the way."

Corporate librarian, manufacturing company


December 2017

"The topics Jinfo researches are exactly those that are top of mind for me in terms of major trends and disruptors. You're certainly hitting those topics which are most relevant to us."

Knowledge manager, manufacturing industry

December 2017

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