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"Jinfo is a really useful tool for tapping into other people's information, something which you miss when you work as a solo practitioner."

Information Officer, Law firm

April 2017

"We worked with Jinfo to produce a series of webinars and live networking events to meet new potential clients and increase brand awareness for InfoDesk. I highly recommend Jinfo as a marketing/sales event partner and the ROI was excellent."

Sean Smith, VP sales and marketing, InfoDesk

April 2017

"[The Community session] was excellent... it gave me a lot of food for thought and I want to work through a couple of the exercises before the ideas leave my head. I thought that hearing other people's experiences and ideas was especially useful."

Senior knowledge manager - professional services

March 2017

"Particularly useful are the reports that focus on different sources' business models and their offerings - that's always extremely helpful to my internal customers and it certainly helps to raise our profile as being knowledgeable about the marketplace."

Priscilla Trumbull, Director of Data & Analytics at PwC

March 2017

"It's helpful to see independent reports on different products and to see the competitors flagged up."

Information Officer, Law firm

February 2017

"The Jinfo materials this past year have been extremely helpful in making us think a little more critically about how we sell the value asset we bring to the company."

Research Information Manager, Financial Services

February 2017

"The team was very enthusiastic about the presentation from Jinfo Consulting. They found it insightful, it provided food for thought, and it helped us to understand our maturity. We definitely need to schedule it again."

Global Director of External Content, Accounting Firm

January 2017

"Thank you very much for the walkthrough of the site. We now have a much better understanding and oversight of what you cover. A lot of valuable information!"

Collection Management Team Leader, Information Publishing

January 2017

"The Research Focus, 'Source expertise - what it means in a Google world' helped us frame our discussions around the value of the information centre."

Head of information and knowledge Services, Manufacturing

December 2016

"Thank you again for such a good introduction to the content of Jinfo, it was very well received here in the team."

Manager, digital library

November 2016

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