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"This Research Focus gives us a methodology to work with our expertise and that is valuable to us"

Team leader in information management, Manufacturing

August 2016

"I think that Jinfo is very good at articulating things that we need to consider."

Team leader in information management, manufacturing

July 2016

"Jinfo's Director of Consulting was a helpful guide as we tackled a review of current awareness platforms in 2015.  As an outsider, Robin Neidorf's pointed questions kept us on track and, at times, forced us to look at an issue in a different way.  Her understanding of the industry greatly informed our decision making process."

Business information manager, Professional Services

July 2016

"I found the webinars on IS/IT relationships enlightening as I continue to build relationships within my own IS organization and our various corporate IT departments. ... As a former software developer, I could read the articles "Working with People Who Think Fundamentally Differently to You" and "Make it Easy for IT Colleagues to Work With You" from both the IT and IS perspective.  I shared the second article with our team to help them better communicate system issues to me, vendors, and IT for faster and more complete resolutions. Also, in the future I would like to work through the IS/IT Alignment Maturity Model process to identify where we may improve those relationships and accomplish our common goals."

Christine Simon, Systems Librarian, 3M

June 2016

"I'm really getting tremendous value from the content.  I also appreciate the "recaps", because they are a great reminder that I want to go back and take a closer look at a specific report."

Operations Leader, Technical Information Center, Manufacturing

June 2016

"I find the webinars invaluable for my professional development."

Information Management Team Leader, Manufacturing

May 2016

"What a super presentation! I have shared it with my colleague and we shall discuss the topic. These are just the questions we are struggling with all the time."

Information Specialist Competitive Intelligence, Manufacturing

May 2016

"We're a smaller organisation, so it's very valuable to us to be able to see what other organisations are doing to address challenges. We use Jinfo for benchmarking, reviewing alternatives, and generally broadening our perspective."

Head of Information Services, Finance

April 2016

"Our discussion yesterday was enlightening and of value."

Director of Knowledge and Information Services, Manufacturing

April 2016

"The topics you cover and the ways you present them are far ahead of any other information-focused resource I know."

Information Officer, Manufacturing

March 2016

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