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"What a super presentation! I have shared it with my colleague and we shall discuss the topic. These are just the questions we are struggling with all the time."

Information Specialist Competitive Intelligence, Manufacturing

May 2016

"We're a smaller organisation, so it's very valuable to us to be able to see what other organisations are doing to address challenges. We use Jinfo for benchmarking, reviewing alternatives, and generally broadening our perspective."

Head of Information Services, Finance

April 2016

"Our discussion yesterday was enlightening and of value."

Director of Knowledge and Information Services, Manufacturing

April 2016

"The topics you cover and the ways you present them are far ahead of any other information-focused resource I know."

Information Officer, Manufacturing

March 2016

"Thanks a lot for all your insights. I always give my full attention. Jinfo is definitely very useful for us."

Acquired External Content, Consulting

March 2016

"Our initial conversation has already had an impact on the way I'm thinking."

Head of Data and Analytics Services, Consulting

February 2016

"The review is obviously extremely thorough and well-researched, and it's been a pleasure working with you both during this process."

Dan Gingert, VP, Library Clients Group, PrivCo

February 2016

"FreePint is a valuable source - the Communities of Practice proving to be particularly useful."

Information Centre Manager, Government

January 2016

"I found the session really interesting and definitely feel I have a clearer idea now of how we can start tackling the perennial issue of usage from different angles. I particularly like the table that filters it all down so well - this will be a good one to print out and put on my desk!"

Executive, Research Team; Global Business Advisory Firm

January 2016

"FreePint is one of the only ways I could continue to develop in my current position."

Electronic Resource Specialist, Manufacturing

December 2015

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