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"My background isn't in the information field, so when I first took over responsibility for my organisation's information centre last year, Jinfo was a great asset in getting familiar with best practices and advice. I read a lot of helpful Jinfo content in the early months of work, and again as I worked on developing our new information strategy."

Director, global insights, international standards organisation

January 2020

"Invariably the Jinfo Community Sessions and webinars are informative, practical, thought-provoking and interesting. I also really like that you cross continents in your experts and attendees."

Sean DeNora, manager, Research & Insights, PwC

December 2019

"We were invited to present to our firm's leadership team on our department strategy. Jinfo worked with us to develop a crisp, meaningful presentation. [Our Jinfo analyst] completely understood our niche mix of legal and consulting and was able to build on knowledge of similar work in per organisations. Our resulting messages to leadership are aspirational and understood by non-information professionals."

Senior director of research and knowledge, specialist consulting firm

December 2019

"Jinfo's Subscription content gets me to new and effective approaches faster, gives me a fresh perspective and moves me along on our research - I can quickly get to a point where I can make a recommendation and move on."

Head of information, finance sector

November 2019

"Our company is growing and changing, and I wanted to develop a plan that would make sure we were ahead of the curve. Working with Jinfo on strategic planning enabled us to meet those challenges."

Director of information science and business intelligence, pharmaceutical industry

November 2019

"I am not a librarian myself by training or background. When I first took over responsibility [for the information centre] last year, Jinfo was a great asset for best practices and advice. I used a lot of Jinfo content as I worked on a strategy."

Director, Global Insights

October 2019

"Since working with Jinfo, we have transformed the way we do communications. Upon advice from Jinfo, have increased the consistency, organization, and customization of our communication and it has made a major difference. With these developments, we are sharper and more focused."

Manager of information service, consumer goods

October 2019

"The workshop 'Futureproof your information service' with Jinfo Consulting has given us a new perspective on work we had taken for granted. In addition, it provided a very practical approach to using the insight gained through this perspective to bring new focus to our service in a way that will maximise the value that we bring to our organisation. Working with Jinfo enabled us to communicate solid conclusions each time: new categories for key stakeholders, new prioritisation of tasks and outputs, and more."

Knowledge & research director, government

September 2019

"I enjoy the Jinfo Subscription, it has really helped out with our strategy development."

Katy Watt, senior manager - Information & Library Services, Wood Mackenzie

September 2019

"We've had Robin Neidorf do both a workshop and a webinar for our system users. The feedback we got for both consulting pieces was great and the way she balanced theory with insights and practical examples made it all very inspiring and relatable. Her experience and professionalism really shines through in both preparations and performance."

Solutions marketing manager, software provider

August 2019

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