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Northern Light's new product, MI Analyst http://www.northernlight.com/, claims to offer a search engine that is able to read and analyse the tone of market intelligence reports and articles, in order to tell you what is in them, suggest what business issues are reported on, and direct you to the documents that are the most relevant to you, not from a search relevance perspective, but from a meaning perspective. Via MI Analyst, it's now possible to analyse the tone of market research products, and identify which reports and research analysts have positive sentiment and which ones have negative sentiment about a product, a company or its competitors. This means that it is possible, for example, to conduct a search on a product line and have the search engine zero in on the reports that describe threats to a company's market share or pricing strategy. Or a search could highlight who the innovative new companies are that might emerge as threats or acquisition opportunities in the future. MI Analyst offers the following functionality: *Entity extraction for business-critical facets: Companies Venture Funded Companies Technologies Markets Job Titles Business Issues Government Agencies Identified Phrases Market Research Vendors. *Sentiment scoring and sorting by sentiment score: See summary sentiment score (document author's positive or negative tone) for each company Sort documents by sentiment from most positive to most negative and from most negative to most positive View documents with individual sentiment scores. * Relationship identification between entities: Discover relationships between entities revealed by the document set Mitigate the research barrier of unfamiliar or unidentified concepts, synonyms, acronyms and aliases. * Meaning Extraction. MI Analyst is being offered as an enhancement to Northern Light's customised SinglePoint Market Research Portals, which integrate internal primary market research and competitive intelligence, license secondary market research studies and commentary from dozens of external market research firms, and monitor news, trade journals, and the Web for market and competitive intelligence. A typical SinglePoint has 20 external market research sources, an internal content repository, a business news feed, and is used by 30,000 employees. MI Analyst looks set to save market intelligence professionals time as it takes over much of their work by identifying key themes, market trends, and the sentiment of market research reports and articles.

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