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By Anne Lonergan


With the ever-increasing volume of social media content, a media monitoring tool that combines both editorial and social content is a key part of any organisation’s social media strategy. Anne Lonergan reviews M-Adaptive and finds it invaluable for marketing and communications professionals who need to sift and analyse the flood of social media and editorial data.


Beyond AggregationStatistics abound about the volume of content added to the web every day, much of it user-generated. According to YouTube 100 hours of video are uploaded to the site every minute. Twitter users send over 400 million tweets per day. Facebook processes 2.5 billion pieces of content every day. Social media has undoubtedly changed the way that organisations interact with their customers, particularly in the areas of reputation and crisis management. No one wants to get caught unawares in a Twitter storm – the heightened activity that takes place online following a particular event, planned or otherwise.

Companies having to sift through and analyse this staggering amount of data face a real challenge. M-Adaptive, a media monitoring tool, attempts to address that challenge by bringing together both editorial and social media content to allow marketing and communications professionals to monitor the impact of their own or their competitors’ activities and actions. M-Adaptive includes over 2.5 million social sources such as blogs and forums including Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Vkontakte, Instagram, Google+ and Tumblr.

As well as allowing users to create targeted searches across a vast amount of content, M-Adaptive also incorporates sentiment analysis, based on in-house developed technology. The vendor claims its 80% accuracy compares much more favourably with rival products which they believe typically only reach 60-70% accuracy.

The end result is that users can quickly hone in on content that impacts them directly and respond accordingly, whether it’s replying to specific tweets, identifying changing user sentiment or measuring the success of PR activities. A particularly nice function of the tool is the ability to respond to social content directly from within the tool itself through a series of clearly visible icons. A tool such as M-Adaptive is an invaluable part of any company’s social media strategy.

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