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By Perrin Kerravala


Global commerce now demands that organisations have multilingual capabilities, including access to content and translation tools. Perrin Kerravala discusses how organisations can leverage FreePint to find the best multilingual content providers and translation products.


For decades, English served as the de facto language of commerce around the globe, as well as the dominant language in business intelligence publishing. However, information professionals have noticed that the landscape has changed.

Economic growth has sharply shifted to the world's emerging markets in South America, Asia, and the Middle East. Additionally, online publishing has made international sources immediately accessible wherever internet access exists.

Don't Miss Out

Organisations that rely only on English-language sources risk missing out on important intelligence.

As noted in FreePint's recent News Survey, organisations are increasingly seeking quality business information and intelligence in diverse languages. Products that include translation capabilities can greatly help increase the ROI on multilingual sources.

However, identifying the right sources can be a challenge. Subscribers to FreePint have a distinct advantage, as we have recently reviewed several new and notable multilingual sources and translation tools.

Native Language Content

Sources with local and native language content can greatly expand an organisation's view of activities in international markets by providing on-the-ground intelligence.

FreePint's recent coverage includes:

  • EMISPRO, a provider of business information in 15 languages - giving users access to financial statements, industry research, and news that would be unavailable in English

  • Arachnys, an aggregator of compliance-related content in over 60 languages - greatly enhancing capabilities for assessing Know Your Customer, Anti Money Laundering and Anti-Bribery and Corruption risks

  • Transactional Track Record (TTR), a deals intelligence service specialising in Spanish- and Portuguese-language markets - provides subscribers with breaking deals intelligence in some of the world's highest growth markets.


As premium content is increasingly published in diverse languages, translation tools are important resources for organisations.

Sophie Alexander recently published an excellent round-up of translation tools in Lost in Translation.

Similarly, Yulia discussed translation tools specifically for the biopharma industry in Biopharma: Translation Comes of Age.

Finally, Penny Crossland recently highlighted that content aggregators themselves are including translation capabilities to enhance their multilingual product offerings. In a Mini Review, Penny explains how Newsdesk now incorporates Google Translate to complement content in 48 languages.

Multilingual Interfaces

Increasingly, vendors are not only offering content in multiple languages, but including interfaces and support materials in other languages as well. 

For example, Euromonitor Passport includes instructional videos in seven languages, to support their worldwide audience. Similarly, interfaces of Newsdesk and Factiva can be presented in several languages.

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Multilingual capabilities and in-built translation tools along with greater penetration into local language sources are welcome features for organisations with employees and business interests around the globe.

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