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By Catherine Dhanjal


Find out what's new and upcoming in FreePint's Content, Community, and Consulting - including product awareness, information strategy, and webinars and Community of Practice sessions on the value of information.


Content (Articles, Reports and Webinars)

There's no sign of a "summer slow-down" in content publication. Since our last Subscription Update, our contributors have delivered a wide range of articles and reports, and new webinars are now filling up.

Subscribers tell us that product awareness - keeping aware and informed of new products and learning about the latest developments in existing products - is among the most important benefits they get from FreePint. Recently published resources fit the bill:

In addition to product coverage, we explore a range of critical subjects you need to stay informed about, to support your organisation's information strategy. These include:

And if ROI and value are subjects of interest, you'll want to review this article documenting discussion at a recent Communities of Practice (CoP) session on value, stakeholder interests and strategic positioning of information managers.

The CoPs on this subject have been so popular, we've added FreePint Webinars to open up the material to a broader range of our subscribers. You can read about the sessions on the Blog, and register on the FreePint on Eventbrite page.


We've restarted the set of three Communities of Practice teleconferences on discussing, measuring and communicating the value of information. Click to learn more and register:

  1. Context for Value
  2. Setting Metrics for Value
  3. Applying Value Concepts Strategically.

The next in-person CoP session covering value, metrics and communication will be 5th August, 2014 in New York, and we're working on dates and locations for Amsterdam, Chicago and other cities as well.

Also on the 5th of August in New York, we're offering a special CoP bringing together buyers and sellers of information products and services to discuss "The Limits of Transparency". This is a truly unique opportunity for buyers and sellers to discuss areas of mutual interest in a highly confidential environment.


Too much to absorb in FreePint? We know the feeling. That's one of the reasons we've added a new benefit to accounts with a FreePint Subscription at the Consulting level: a bespoke Subscription Update.

If you subscribe at the Consulting level, we first gather information about your particular areas of interest and priorities. Then, on a quarterly basis, one of our analysts will prepare a bespoke Subscription Update, highlighting content, resources and research relating to your priorities. This Update provides you and your team with a handy summary of latest and upcoming resources, tuned to your needs.

All Consulting-level customers also get an annual credit for one-on-one consulting time with our analysts, so we can always help you dig more deeply into areas of interest, or provide further individual guidance based on our expertise.

If you have any questions about Consulting-level benefits or services, please contact Robin Neidorf, director of research, at

Editor's Note

If you are considering starting a new FreePint Subscription, see the overview video and order form:

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