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By Robin Neidorf

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As part of the FreePint Topic Series, "All About Usage", we are carrying out research into different areas, with the first survey looking at authentication and single sign-on. Director of research, Robin Neidorf, introduces the research and invites you to participate.


FreePint Topic Series: All About UsageFor at least five years, customers have been raising with me questions about the challenges of authentication.

Large organisations need to manage complex levels of access to a wide range of individuals. Add to that the diverse types of devices now in use to access content. Then add concerns about security, how to manage users who leave the organisation, changes in vendor contracts that may adjust the types of content available and how it's delivered, and it's clear why finding technology solutions to manage authentication is a priority.

As part of the FreePint Topic Series, "All About Usage", we are taking on several tightly-defined research projects on different challenges around usage. The first of these is on authentication and single sign-on, and you are invited to complete the survey and receive a copy of the resulting report.

Early Results through P-D-R Partnership

We've already tested the survey through a partnership with the Pharma Documentation Ring (P-D-R), which approached us to participate in their members- and invited guests-only event on "Authentication Technologies - Challenges and Opportunities for the Scientific Corporate Information Centre".

Prior to the event, we sent the authentication survey to their members, and our managing editor, Catherine Dhanjal, opened their meeting by presenting the results.

The initial data indicates that respondents agree that publishers are their close partners in figuring out the challenges of authentication, and that good solutions do exist. However, they also feel that organisational requirements for authentication are not as clear as they could be, and they do not believe senior leadership in their organisations fully understand the importance and ramifications of authentication solutions.

(Login to read Catherine's detailed commentary about the P-D-R event, including participants' approaches to authentication, presentations from organisations like Eduserv, Reprints Desk, ITS OneLog and Copyright Clearance Center, and the reasons why some organisations have as many as 12 authentication mechanisms in place.)

Complete the Survey Now

The "FreePint Survey: Authentication and Single Sign-On" will be collecting responses through 24th July. Please take 10 minutes to complete it now.

Those who provide a valid email address will receive a copy of the results upon publication, and we will also publish results as part of the Topic Series, "All About Usage".

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