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By Catherine Dhanjal


The subjects of stakeholder involvement, Creative Commons licences and information sources are examined in expert articles and webinars as part of the Topic Series "News, and Other Commodities". We highlight a new in-depth review of Dun & Bradstreet's First Research as well as an upcoming Community of Practice event in London in January which promises to be informative for both buyers and sellers of information.


Content (Articles, Reports, Webinars)

We're approaching the end of the year and the conclusion of the current Topic Series, "News, and Other Commodities", but we're still publishing plenty of articles and reviews which tackle different aspects of "value" in relation to news, company and people information.

In "Laying the Groundwork for Real Change in Stakeholder Attitudes", Robin Neidorf shines the spotlight on the tricky issue of convincing stakeholders of the value of information services. She offers practical advice on how to convince peers of the threat posed by missing information expertise and the potential benefits of incorporating it. A Webinar in October touched on this issue and you can read the accompanying article "Identifying and Managing Risks - Strategies for Information Practitioners" or view the recording.

If you ever feel as though you're sinking in a sea of information, then take a look at Eileen Steer's article on "Curating Commodity Information". Eileen examines how information professionals are selecting and adding value to the data before directing it to end-users.

For a useful overview of information sources for industry, read Ada Kaspersma's article. This will help you choose between doing the research yourself or buying an industry report. If you're a sales and marketing professional looking for industry market research reports, then read Andrew Grave's in-depth "Product Review of First Research".

If you're researching China and need some guidance on how to navigate the information resources on this ever-changing region, then Colin Smith's article will provide a good starting point.

Regular FreePint writer and copyright compliance expert, Clare Painter, provides guidance on the various types of Creative Commons (CC) licence and the points to consider when choosing to use material under the various licences in "Re-Using Content which Carries a Creative Commons Licence".

Several FreePint Webinars have already been scheduled for 2016:

Other articles and Q&As recently published include:



Due to popular demand, we've added a Communities of Practice (CoP) teleconference session early in January on, "The End of an Era for News Databases?". Content buyers can join us on 7th January, if you missed the December sessions.

As part of the upcoming Research Focus, "Strategic Alignment of IS and IT", we're offering an in-person CoP in London on 28th January. "Step One to Alignment Between IS and IT" will demystify IT and provide you with tools to document what you learn about your colleagues on the "other side" of information practice. This is also available as an online teleconference on a choice of two dates in February: 2nd or 4th.

The sessions are facilitated by FreePint's director of research, Robin Neidorf. Seats are limited, so register now.  


Several Community-level Subscribers are thinking of moving to the Consulting level of service. To help them evaluate our services, we are providing them with a complimentary "taster session".

One has opted for a session on deepening engagement with stakeholders. With another, we're working on a review and refinement of the information centre's 2016 strategic plan with the team's leadership. A third has asked for a working session to review options, needs and recommendations for provision of news content within the organisation.

A taster session of our Consulting service is available to any Community-level customer as part of their evaluation of a potential upgrade. There is no cost for this service and no implied obligation. Contact Robin Neidorf on if you would like to schedule a taster or have any questions.

Our Content is the broad platform through which we publish research-based insights. Community provides the environment to discuss them with peers. Consulting tailors the insight to your needs. Find the right FreePint Subscription level to meet your needs.

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