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By Catherine Dhanjal

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Is there really a solid substitute for the well-known premium news platforms? How do content aggregation platforms stack up in this space?


We recently received a query from a customer: "We're considering replacing [one of the primary providers of news databases], can you give us some suggested alternatives, whether from within the information field or outside?"

This is a question we answer regularly and which organisations grapple with frequently, in fact we answered a similar query from a law firm customer just a few months ago.

Our response:

The two main news providers consistently reported for news and current awareness in our annual research are Nexis and Factiva, with our 2016 research and 2015 research being no exception.

However, we are finding a definite trend and are increasingly recommending through our consulting that information services also consider aggregation platforms to build their own news solution... but of course, there are caveats and reasons why that might not work for all information departments. 

When considering replacements there are some core questions to consider:

  • What are the primary reasons you need a news database and/or news resource?
  • What are the main points of dissatisfaction with your current provider?
  • Are you seeking a comprehensive database with global coverage? If so, your choices continue to be the "marquee names" like Factiva, Nexis, NewsEdge, etc.
  • Do you have the time and resources in-house to develop a solution using one of the new aggregation platforms like Newsdesk, InfoDesk, Vable, SinglePoint, Manzama or EditorEye, tailoring it with your choice of data and content, and to your organisational needs?

There are two upcoming Community sessions which will be of interest and where we'll be carrying out SWOT analyses on the main products in this space:

These items will also be of interest:


Do you have a query? 

Responding to customer queries is something we're happy to do and that we answer on a regular basis, so feel free to send your questions to us.

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