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By Catherine Dhanjal


Read Jinfo's product review to find out what Vable offers companies that want to deliver targeted, relevant information to their audiences across the globe.


Define and manage value for current awarenessIf your business is looking to deliver the best content possible to its audience, a current awareness platform that automates the gathering of relevant information will allow your business to gain time, insight and most definitely a cutting edge against your competitors.

Vable is a platform that offers just that, so we were interested to see how user-friendly the platform is, the coverage it offers worldwide, and how Vable compares to its competitors.

Jinfo Subscribers can log in now to view our "Product review of Vable". The report is also available for one-off purchase. 


Managing sources to deliver the best content

How can businesses identify what's important and what's not so, when there is so much information out there? And how can they identify the best information to share with their staff to help boost productivity?

We have reviewed Vable to find out how the platform helps companies get more value from their information workflow.

Vable is a current awareness platform that can automate the monitoring, gathering, indexing and sharing of information from public and subscription news sources.

It is used by information specialists, business development departments and marketing teams at organisations reliant on timely, relevant current awareness.

As reviewer Dale Moore reports, their ethos is clear: "Putting customer feedback central is a great product development ethos which has resulted in a number of significant improvements and developments."

Vable has grown significantly over the last few years, and now incorporates many more industry sectors than the legal industry where it has its roots. What started out as a newsletter solution to improve the exchange of legal information has now grown into a sophisticated platform to manage every aspect of current awareness.


Find out more

Jinfo Subscribers can sign in now to read "Product review of Vable" and find out more about Vable's technology, capabilities and future development plans. 

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