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By Catherine Dhanjal


Jinfo's head of content, Catherine Dhanjal, highlights a must-read article, report and webinar from August.


One of the most enjoyable parts of my role as Head of Content at Jinfo is looking back over the month's publishing and getting a new wave of excitement about what we've made available to our Subscribers. This blog post gives me an opportunity to share that excitement, as well as to pick out some items you may have missed. 

Our Content is driven by our research, customer comments and queries, as well as insights from attendance at conferences and events.

  • Article: We all want to get smarter about the way we use technology, whether to bring us new insights or to reduce the burden of time-consuming transactional work. In "Technology in news curation and the impact on innovation and content reliability", Kate Lomax looks at how you can take steps to ensure your information service uses emerging technologies in a way that is "user-driven and innovation-focused".

    As a creative technologist and web developer for over 10 years, Kate is well-positioned to highlight the benefits and downsides of technology such as machine-learning, algorithms and other AI developments. 

  • Report: A very well-known name in the financial services world, Mergermarket Group recently rebranded to Acuris. Our "Market landscape - Acuris brand products (formerly Mergermarket Group)" provides a useful primer on the 18 Acuris products, from familiar names such as Debtwire, Mergermarket, and Perfect Information, to more specialist products in the compliance, equities, fixed income and transactions field. 

  • Webinar: Our regular programme of webinars offers superb at-your-desk, at-your-convenience learning and an alternative way to absorb information or get up to speed on an issue. These 60-minute sessions are available live or to view post-session at your leisure. 

    We also run regular articles to capture the key learning points from the webinars for those who prefer a written approach; the associated article will always appear below the webinar listing as a "related Subscription article".

    The August session focused on "A look at the data for benchmarking your information service" - not an easy task when tracking areas such as strategy and vendor relations. You can view the recording on a computer, or why not try listening to the audio when travelling? 


Next steps

  • Keep an eye on our "What's new" section to see the most recent articles, reports and blogs in one dashboard, together with upcoming webinar and Community session listings
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If you have a suggestion, do contact me, your thoughts are always welcome.

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