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By Mark Faulkner

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My Favourite Tipples are shared by Mark Faulkner, an information professional specialising in tax law. He shares his favourite resources in areas from Government web archives to tax legislation and case law.


I last submitted "My Favourite Tipples" back in 2012 (FreePint Newsletter No. 343) so I guess a lot has changed since then, but many of those I nominated at the time are still market leaders. 

However, I've changed jobs twice since then, and now find myself away from the financial regulation sector. Managing a legal library within HMRC, my subject focus has changed to that of tax law.

As you would expect, some lawyers are wedded to their hard copy, but there are still a number of useful online resources available to coax them away and provide useful alternatives. These are what I have based my job-related Tipples on:

  • CCH Online: This is a platform provided by Wolters Kluwer and is particularly useful for their "Green", "Red" and "Purple Tax Handbooks". It is a menu-driven system so very intuitive, with an extensive subject index (the "Big Tax Index") that provides access to multiple documents on specific topics. 
  • Tolley's Tax Library: Similar to CCH, Tolley's concentrates on tax law, and both services helpfully provide HMRC Manual content that links through to other legislation and case law - providing added value that the organisation's own website does not. This source also provides online access to titles such as "Simon's Taxes" and "Yellow" and "Orange Tax Handbooks", as well as periodicals "Taxation" and "Tax Journal".
  • EUR-Lex: This has developed so much in the last 20 years since I first started using it in my profession. There is so much content now available it proves to be an invaluable source, particularly as my work has elements of Brexit and the impact this may have on customs.
  • UK Government Web Archive: I manage a small library collection; one not big enough to have the luxury of holding an archive of departmental publications, so this website comes in handy at times when searching for historic consultation or guidance papers.

For fun:

  • Twitter: I came to the world of social networking late, previously only relying on LinkedIn. But now that I've joined, it continues to suck me in - dangerous, I know! I prefer Twitter for the more pithy attitude, something Facebook lacks. I like the constraints placed by the 140 characters and use it as a source for professional and non-professional reasons. My Twitter handle is @MarkFaulkner24; if my number of followers do not increase as a result of this, I will be sorely disappointed!

 An article in Jinfo which I found particularly interesting:

  • I would recommend anyone to attend one of Jinfo's in-person Community sessions or dial-in webinars given the chance, as from experience, they are an extremely useful way of networking and sharing experiences and knowledge with colleagues from across different information sectors.


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