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By Robin Neidorf

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In the first insight from our Research Focus, "Define and manage value for current awareness", we explain how the value of current awareness services increasingly comes from technology - management platforms, analytics and self-service.


Define and manage value for current awarenessJinfo's first insight in our Research Focus "Define and manage value for current awareness" is that value today increasingly comes from the technology supporting the current awareness system. This is true whether the technology comes packaged with the content in an all-in-one premium offering like Factiva or Nexis; is a standalone, content-agnostic platform like InfoDesk or Manzama; or is cobbled together internally through clever use of RSS readers, shared documents and email systems.

If you're questioning the value of current awareness provision and trying to justify it to stakeholders (who isn't?), this observation challenges you to take a harder look at your available technology, considering the entire value-chain:

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Every step in this chain is a touchpoint where advancing technology makes a difference in how you balance the value equation.

Your approach to current awareness provision may rely on a one-stop premium product, where much of the technology is built into the product. Your approach may be significantly manual, where leveraging technology is mainly based on content subscriptions, alerts, and your distribution process for newsletters. In the middle are the content-agnostic platforms, which make the technology more accessible and configurable than in one-stop products.

Whichever approach you use, evaluate every step:

  • Can it be automated or semi-automated, for you or for the end users?
  • Are your interactions with the technology streamlined and consistent?
  • Is there a newer way to get the same result - or a better result - with less effort? 
  • Can you meet user preferences for format, frequency, and access points?
  • Are you getting the right metrics and insights out of the system, and if not, how can you leverage technology to help?

Our Jinfo Survey "Needs and preferences for current awareness 2017" told us that, on average, current awareness provision takes information teams 17 hours a week to deliver, and systems were implemented an average of 5.6 years ago. That's a lot of investment based on systems set up in 2011.

Regardless of how your numbers compare, take the technology component seriously. Evaluate it regularly. If you're not keeping up with options, you risk over-spending and under-delivering.


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