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By Catherine Dhanjal


The "Insights and Actions" report for the Jinfo Research Focus, "Define and manage value for current awareness", is now available. Read this blog to find out how to get your copy.


Define and manage value for current awarenessWith time comes new technology advances - so, are you content with the value of your organisation's years-old current awareness provisions?

If you're concerned with the length of time your information team spends on current awareness provisions that may not be up to date, then maybe it's time to re-evaluate your technology components.

Following our Research Focus, "Define and manage value for current awareness", which provided analysis, expert articles and product reviews on the state of play for current awareness services, we've collated a full index of content in a report which you can now download and read offline.

Download your Insights & Actions report

Our analysis of the state of current awareness for 2017 is covered in the Jinfo Insights & Actions Report for the Research Focus "Define and manage value for current awareness", which you can download now.

The report focuses on our three key insights from the Research Focus:

  1. Value comes from the technology: why it's so important to evaluate your technology regularly

  2. Spend on premium news is shrinking: the pros and cons of what this means to you as an information professional

  3. Design for 2020: what to consider when planning your future current awareness needs and investments.


Take steps to find out how to advance your technology

We feel strongly that these insights will be useful to so many information organisations, so we've made this report available to both Subscribers and non-customers.

You are welcome to share this report which is packaged in a handy PDF format for easy offline reading.

Subscribers: Sign in to access it now.

Non-customers: Request your free PDF copy by email.

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