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By Catherine Dhanjal

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We look at how are pharma and life science companies using machine learning, artificial intelligence and data analytics - and which are the vendors to watch.


Keeping up to date with new tools and vendors in the artificial intelligence (AI) and data analytics space can seem daunting; it's an ever-changing mix and it's hard to know which up-and-coming vendors are worth watching.

The pharmaceutical and life sciences industry is certainly one where these technologies can have a huge impact on R&D as well as on areas such as medical procedures and diagnosis. So we were keen to commission an article tackling this topic and looking at how some of the billions of pounds invested by pharmaceutical companies are now being devoted to projects involving AI.

Pharma in top sectors for AI use

Author Jeanette Eldridge has deep experience of research in the healthcare, pharmaceutical and life science sectors, supporting researchers in areas such as drug-hunting projects, patent and literature reviews, through experience at organisations including AstraZeneca and Knoll Pharmaceuticals. 

In "New developments for pharma in AI and data analytics", she highlights why "machine-learning partnerships and analytics applications in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as in the wider healthcare and life sciences sectors, present one of the fastest-growing areas in artificial intelligence".

Plethora of partnerships

Jeanette explains that it's not just the newer entrants making an impact. Established "big data" tools such as IBM Watson are evolving and developing new uses in AI and pharma.

Then there are newer market entrants such as BenevolentAI where insights from data scientists are fed back into the system to improve accuracy in areas such as novel entity recognition.

Finally, pharmaceutical companies are creating projects using in-house skills or in collaboration with external entities such as cancer research centres.

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