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By Victoria Alford

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Does your current awareness newsletter pack a punch? We recently reviewed newsletters from information centres around the world to offer them some top tips for better engagement and value.


Do you know just how much value a current awareness newsletter could add to your information centre, if created effectively? 

Current awareness newsletters are a great service, as they keep your team in front of a broad base of users at all levels of the company. Yet they often neglect to underscore your core messages of value-add and information expertise.

Some well-placed tweaks can close the gap. As well as highlighting relevant news to readers in a way that's user-friendly and succinct, your improved newsletter could also better showcase the information team's expertise and increase engagement with your customers - without adding a minute to the time it takes to produce.

Does your newsletter pack a punch?

As part of Jinfo's recent Research Focus, "Define and manage value for current awareness", Jinfo offered organisations across the world the chance to submit their newsletters for review by our director of research, Robin Neidorf.

We received submissions from the United States, the UK, Germany and Canada.

Find out more about the newsletters we reviewed, the advice and guidance we gave and steps you can take to transform your own newsletters - Jinfo Subscribers can sign in now to read "How to improve your newsletters (part 1) and How to improve your newsletters (part 2)".

If you do not yet have a Jinfo Subscription, start yours today.


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