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By Robin Neidorf


Don't miss our sessions and workshops on strategy, value and team skills. Join us at this year's Perfect Information Conference in May, network with peers and come away inspired. There's a special Jinfo discount code too.


If you spend any time reviewing Jinfo resources, you know that two of our consistent themes are "future-readiness" and "value".

I use these themes as guideposts not only for Jinfo's research agenda but for my own career: how far can I push my imagination towards shaping the future? And, at the same time, do I stay grounded in delivering value in the here and now?

These same themes consistently show up during the Perfect Information Conference each spring, which is probably why planning for and participating in that event is simultaneously intellectually stimulating and personally enjoyable. There's really nothing quite like spending 2.5 days with intelligent, open-minded people who are hungry for new ideas and generous with their own creativity and wit.

Join us at the Perfect Information Conference

This year's PIC takes place from 16th - 18th May, at the MacDonald Randolph Hotel in Oxford, UK. I'm delighted to be on the programme:

  • Pre-conference workshop on holistic strategy and management of the content portfolio
  • Workshop on creating alignment between expenditures, services and value to the business
  • Facilitation of a panel discussion on cultivating the right range of team skills to future-proof your information service.

But truly, the best part of PIC is always listening to and engaging with information managers on their burning issues - what breakthroughs have they had since last year, and what's the new brainteaser nagging at them this year? I come away with new inputs for research, suggestions for editorial coverage, and more ideas than I know what to do with.

Inevitably, I'm reimagining the future, and refocused on value.

Your discount code

Join us if you can - through a partnership with PIC, you can claim a 20% discount off fees by using the code JINFO when you register.

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