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By Robin Neidorf

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Which variables contribute to information centre and services success - and how much are they influenced by industry, reporting line and staffing? Jinfo's director of research, Robin Neidorf, highlights research and resources from Jinfo's Research Focus, "Benchmark information roles - Jinfo models of excellence", as well as tools and articles to help you extend your influence and communicate better.


We produce Jinfo for information strategy to support the planning and implementation of strategy and the measurement of its impact.

Following my commentary, you'll find an index of relevant recent resources.

When it comes to information strategy, there is no one-size-fits-all.

A central precept of Jinfo's benchmarking work, which focuses on operations, services, customers, capacity and strategy of information services teams, is to document the variables that contribute to success in a wide range of environments. A number of recent resources, produced as part of our current Research Focus, "Benchmark information roles - Jinfo models of excellence", enable you to map your own environment against these variables.

Start with Andrew Lucas' excellent overview of resources, in his "Guide to value" article. 

Our upcoming industry-focused Community sessions also break down a fairly complex set of research results into a more digestible form. Select the best match for your industry and click to register:

Models of maturity

It's not unusual to know that something isn't quite optimised in your operations, without being entirely sure what needs tweaking. That's where Jinfo models can be especially useful. 

These short reports show you the elements you need to manage to achieve (and communicate) value, and point you in the right direction for improvements.

We published several recently, off the back of our benchmarking research, as well as last quarter's Research Focus, "The information team with the right stuff":

September's webinar, "Shedding light on how to measure value", is based in large part on the first of these.

Communication and influence

Your strategy only gets as far as your influence. If you cannot communicate your vision to stakeholders and partners, it's very difficult to realise.

Executive-ready communications comes up repeatedly in our research, and you'll find some excellent articles to spark new thinking and discussion with your team, including:

You can also learn how one information team shifted their thinking and approach to internal communications, through the notes from the Community session, "Does everyone on your team need great communication skills?" Sign in on that page with your credentials to download the deck with notes.

Jinfo Consulting also offers a private workshop on executive-ready communications: three online sessions, plus short, practical assignments, under the tutelage of a skilled facilitator. Check out the information on our site, and use the form on that page to request more details.

Recent Subscription resources of particular interest to our customers involved with information strategy: 




Recordings and decks available, sign in to access:

Upcoming, register now:

Community sessions (not recorded, but notes available; sign in to access):

Upcoming, register now:

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