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By Robin Neidorf

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Learn how Jinfo's Subscription resources and consulting offerings help your get more value from the same (or smaller) headcount. Whether it's webinars on improving efficiency, competency frameworks or examples of how technology is transforming industries, we've got something to shape your thinking and inform your action plans.


"Fewer people and increased demands" continues to be the drumbeat of our industry. That's why Jinfo places the principles of team optimisation front and centre in our research, planning and editorial calendar.

Our most recent blog item on "Jinfo for optimising your research service" describes how Jinfo's Subscription resources and consulting offerings help you break down the problem of getting more value from the same (or smaller) headcount. Whether you're interested in a webinar on improving efficiency through better use of technology, a competency framework to help you think through the right skills for your evolving "dream team", or seeing examples of how technology is transforming legal, pharma or other industries, you'll find something to shape your thinking and your action plans.

Optimisation is a process you can learn and apply. It's not mysterious or complex. At its heart, it comes down to three components:

  1. Define your highest value to your organisation
  2. Analyse how your department's work gets done
  3. Re-engineer workflow to better align with value.

Optimisation can be energising, or exhausting, or both. Thrive through the challenge with support. Join our upcoming Community session, "Jinfo for optimising a team of researchers", to swap ideas and support with peers working on similar issues. Community sessions are included in your Jinfo Subscription, and if you don't yet have a subscription, contact Claire Laybats, our head of commercial development, to request taster access.

Consider bringing a Jinfo Consulting workshop to work directly with your team: "Do better with less: workflow optimisation" takes you through a research-based curriculum to teach and apply the principles of optimisation. Read more about workshops and request further information here.

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