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Sunday, 13th April 2008

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H.W. Wilson http://www.hwwilson.com/ has issued Applied Science & Business Periodicals Retrospective: 1913-1983. The database covers material from Applied Science & Technology Retrospective and from Business Periodicals Index Retrospective. According to its announcement http://www.hwwilson.com/databases/applieds_business_retro.htm, this database can be used as a single source for articles on the most important events, issues and trends in the history of business and industry. Searchers will be able to find items on a large number of topics including technological advances, business strategies, company profiles, and profiles on executives and scientists. The database claims that more than 4.5 million articles are available from more than 2,000 periodicals. Both contemporary terms and historical subject headings can be searched. To help find all the information that the database holds on an individual or a person search these names as subject headings, which have been standardised to ensure consistency of search and retrieval. Some of the business subjects available are: Accounting Acquisitions & Mergers Advertising Banking Economics Finance Financial Services Insurance International Business Investments Management Small Business Taxation.

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