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Tuesday, 27th May 2008

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While we are busy monitoring the various new and upcoming networking and business ‘social media’ products (see our recent article on the Dow Jones acquisition of Generate http://www.vivavip.com/go/e5788) it’s good to know that the more established players aren’t resting on their laurels. Corporate Affiliations http://www/corporateaffiliations.com/ first appeared as a print publication about 30 years ago. Online for many years it covers more than 200,000 of the world’s companies, including 65,000 parent companies and 135,000 subsidiaries. The companies included are the top global organisations and their corporate families. The service has added a number of features to let users format their research results in a number of ways. There are also some new ways to get data from the provider, if you want to be alerted to personnel moves in a timely manner. Here is a summary of the recent enhancements: · The ‘Personnel Move Alerts’ feature lets users select companies, industries, locations and revenue ranges and get an email twice weekly with notifications of personnel changes within those parameters. · MergerTrak features breaking proposed and closed merger and acquisition news, with updated corporate profiles of the involved companies. · Full corporate family details can now be downloaded with user-selected data. · The user interface has been streamlined Users appreciate the time and effort vendors put into explaining how enhancements will work and what the product will look like. Corporate Affiliations has done a good job on its web site with descriptions of the enhancements, including screenshots. You can see these here: http://digbig.com/4wyjq.

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