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Tuesday, 30th September 2008

By Udo Hohlfeld

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Technorati released its annual report on the state of the Blogosphere. The report is broken down into an introductory section and five sections dealing with topics such as ... Who Are the Bloggers? The What And Why of Blogging The How of Blogging Blogging For Profit Brands Enter The Blogosphere The report uncovers a lot of interesting information on the blogosphere with statisitics, demographics and opinions. But most of all it paints a picture of change as the nature and format of blogs are developing. Due to the growth in size and influence of blogs, the report states: "... the lines between what is a blog and what is a mainstream media site become less clear. Larger blogs are taking on more characteristics of mainstream sites and mainstream sites are incorporating styles and formats from the Blogosphere. In fact, 95% of the top 100 US newspapers have reporter blogs." This clearly shows that blogs have become a natural part of the media landscape and that we can expect more and more Web 2.0 tools to become commodity in the information industry. More findings and the report you can find at: http://digbig.com/4xppd

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