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Tuesday, 15th March 2016

By Robin Neidorf

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With Morningstar's "Company Intelligence" product being discontinued this summer, we're investigating what plans customers are making to fill the void that this will leave. We'd love to hear your views.


We recently received a query from a customer about Morningstar's "Company Intelligence" product, which is being discontinued by Morningstar at the end of July 2016.

This customer has used Company Intelligence for data on listed companies: "Essentially we’re getting a tearsheet we'd otherwise have to get elsewhere. Audit market share, quick company screening, FTSE, director change alerts and RNS alerts are also valuable, as well as advisor data."

One question is whether it makes more sense to replace this product, or instead to secure multiple sources that address different areas of what Company Intelligence has covered.

We're planning coverage of competitors and other resources to support this customer and any others in the same position.

Share Your Views

I invite you to email me at robin.neidorf@jinfo.com to add your perspective to our research:

All input will be held confidential, but if you prefer to submit your comments anonymously, you can do so on our contact form.

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