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Thursday, 3rd May 2018

By Robin Neidorf

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Finding the time to focus on the future isn't easy for any leader, but it is an essential element of strategic thinking. Jinfo's director of research, Robin Neidorf, provides some tips and links to Jinfo resources that can help.


We produce Jinfo for information strategy to support the planning and implementation of strategy and the measurement of its impact.

Following my commentary, you'll find an index of relevant recent resources.

The future-ready team

Strategy is about the future; nobody plans for the past. How do you lead - or participate - in a team that is ready for the future?

Start by developing a shared understanding of what demands organisations will make on information teams in the future. Regardless of the range of services you provide, all teams need to be prepared to undertake a shift in skills and orientation. Get valuable perspective in the Jinfo webinar, "Identifying your team's skill gaps" (8th May, 4pm UK time).

The session picks up and expands upon the themes explored in our recent Jinfo research report, "Rethinking the role of information teams". We interviewed some of the most forward-thinking information managers and leaders we know, to tap into and share their insights about where the profession is heading.

Learn from peers

One thing Jinfo has consistently documented is that there is rarely one best practice, one formula for excellence. That's part of what makes case studies so useful - they provide a good insight into how another information team addresses the unique combination of variables in their environment, to help you extrapolate back to your own world.

UCB's information team is noted for its strategy and innovation, and you can read about their unique approach and results in "Innovation and development at UCB".

Similarly, the article "Q&A with EY - managing a multinational team", provides a glimpse behind the scenes with an information team I've long thought of as among the most strategic and best run.

Meet your peers and discuss the real-world challenges of setting and acting on information strategy in two Community sessions in June:

The right stuff

The current Research Focus, "The information team with the right stuff", is in many ways tailor-made for your strategy development. If you haven't yet done so, download the Insights and Actions report (if you do not yet have a Subscription, you can register here to request a free copy).

For another "quick start" guide, check out our "Guide to value in the Research Focus, 'The information team with the right stuff".

Get ready for change

When I discuss the challenges of creating future-ready teams with information managers, we often come back to the fundamental human difficulty of coping with change.

If you need a bit of extra support around change management (and who doesn't?), Steve Bynghall's article, "Why information teams need change management skills", will prove useful.

Don't go it alone

We've recently added case studies to the information on our page about Jinfo Consulting - whether you need a knowledgeable pair of eyes to review your strategic plan or more comprehensive support to design and implement a future-focused strategy, I invite you to contact us to start the conversation.

Find out how Jinfo supports information strategy

Jinfo resources support the development and execution of information strategy with original research, models, case studies, Community session discussions and more. If you have a Jinfo Subscription, you have access to all our Content. If your account includes Community access, you also have access to upcoming Community sessions and the notes from previous sessions.

We publish research-based insights, facilitate peer-to-peer discussions on them and offer consulting services to tailor those insights to your needs. Learn more about the benefits of a Jinfo Subscription.

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