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Wednesday, 6th June 2018

By Scott Brown

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My Favourite Tipples are shared by Scott Brown, senior cybrarian at Oracle, Inc. and owner of Social Information Group. He shares a few of his favourite online sources from the perspective of "digital disruption", a hot topic in the high-tech industry.


In the high-tech industry, "digital disruption" and "digital transformation" are having an impact across industries. Amazon is a good example of a digital disruptor: because of the evolving technology available to it, Amazon has recently ventured into markets (such as financial services and healthcare) that would have been unthinkable for it to enter just five years ago. As all companies increasingly have access to more sophisticated business technologies, so new competitors, markets and products are emerging faster than ever before.

How do you separate out the hype and stay on top of developments in this space? There are many good resources out there; here are a few that help me quickly understand some of the key technologies and specific industry impacts:

An article in Jinfo I found particularly interesting:


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