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Friday, 5th October 2018

By Robin Neidorf

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If you're keen to gain a fresh perspective on managing a content portfolio, read our blog from Jinfo's director of research, Robin Neidorf, where she highlights three use-cases that our recent Community sessions can help solve. She also curates Jinfo's most relevant recent articles, reports and reviews for people responsible for buying content and tools.


If you're responsible for content purchasing and licensing in your organisation, here are the latest Jinfo insights and resources for you:

Tips and insights on managing a content portfolio

Jinfo ran a series of three Community sessions focused on "Whole-portfolio strategy and management" - if you missed these, the presentation decks, with anonymised notes are available by signing in to your MyJinfo account.

You'll want to check this resource out if you:

In November's Community session, "Jinfo for content purchasing", we will present the highlights of these concepts, including feedback and comments we got during the recent series and the inputs from participants in the pre-conference workshop on this topic back in May at the Perfect Information Conference in Oxford, UK. I'm also preparing a similar session for October for the annual conference of the ITIMG in St Paul, Minnesota.

The interest in the topic suggests that there are plenty of information managers out there who are ready and eager for fresh thinking on taking portfolio management to the next level. If this sounds like you, Jinfo Consulting can bring these concepts into your organisation, through a tailored workshop. Read more about workshops, and then use the form on that page to contact Claire Laybats to talk to her about your needs.

Supporting the full range of needs for content purchasing

If you're in the trenches of evaluating, negotiating and managing licensed and purchased content, you know it's much more than contract management. It can be difficult, however, to help your stakeholders understand this complexity.

Jinfo aims to support the full range of your needs for content purchasing, from scanning the marketplace to strategic reporting and evaluation. On this page on our site, you'll find a one-page PDF that lays out this range of needs, as well as a short video walking through the components.

Use these as references to help you get value from your Jinfo Subscription in addition to our product reviews and market landscapes. And share them with your stakeholders to educate them on the complexity of strategic portfolio management. 


Find out how Jinfo supports content purchasing

Jinfo resources support content purchasing with original research, product reviews, market landscapes, Q&As with vendors and more. If you have a Jinfo Subscription, you have access to all our Content; if your account includes Community access, you also have access to upcoming Community sessions and the notes from previous sessions.

We publish research-based insights, facilitate peer-to-peer discussions on them and offer consulting services to tailor those insights to your needs. Learn more about the benefits of a Jinfo Subscription

Recent Subscription resources of particular interest to our customers involved with content purchasing: 



Product reviews:



Recordings and decks available; sign-in to access:

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Community sessions

Deck and speaker notes available; sign-in to access:

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