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Monday, 10th June 2019

By Claire Laybats

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What are the ingredients you need to ensure your information centre performs at its best?


Creating an Information Centre of Excellence requires creativity, deep expertise, and practical knowledge about the needs of your organisation - every instance will look different.

Three ingredients are essential to creating your unique version of the Information Centre of Excellence:

  1. Knowing what questions to ask
  2. Having a framework in which to ask them
  3. Diligence about getting it done... despite the ever-increasing requests coming at you from all directions.

With Jinfo's research, you can envision and then create the right department, services and culture to succeed, through work on these questions:

The vital third ingredient in progress - diligence

A Jinfo Subscription gets you access to resources that help you define the questions and work through a planning framework. But what about diligence?

Customers consistently tell us that the accountability and expert guidance of our analysts are amongst the most valuable aspects of Jinfo Consulting projects.

Design your own project or select from one of our tailorable workshops.

Contact me to discuss your needs.

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